Kaleidofin Private Limited, India’s first neobank for the informal sector customer announced that in less than two years of operations Kaleidofin customers have saved over $ 1 million in total.

Kaleidofin was started by Puneet Gupta and Sucharita Mukherjee in 2017. The company aims to provide relevant financial services to the 600 million underbanked population of India.

The company recently announced its Series A fund raise worth INR 360 million. The round was led by Oikocredit. Flourish, Omidyar Network, Bharat Inclusion Fund and Blume Ventures participated in the funding round as well.

Sucharita Mukherjee, Co-Founder and CEO, Kaleidofin, said “At Kaleidofin our objective has been to provide financial services that are not just easy and convenient but also designed to suit specific needs of customer segments, across geographies and incomes class. Our solutions consider the financial roadblocks and vulnerability, such as volatile income streams and limited understanding of financial products and hence suitable for the masses."

Kaleidofin starts with a ‘goal’ approach. Instead of selling individual products such as savings, investments, it provides an interlinked solution, a combination of saving, investment, credit and insurance, interlinked under a single account. Each solution has a holistic, wealth management approach to the small saving customer.

As a first step, a customer identifies a Goal for which they want to save. Kaleidofin App matches the income to the goal and suggests the best possible solution, which defines an estimated monthly amount the customer needs to save and the duration for which they need to save. The recommendation takes into account the financial health of the customer. The savings are then invested on behalf of the customers to a pre-determined mix of mutual funds, selected according to the risk persona of the customer, to ensure higher return on investment.

Once the customer has built a reasonable corpus of savings (~6 months of savings), Kaleidofin helps provide a line of credit that is secured against these savings. A customer can tide over small income shocks without any capital loss.

Customers can start saving from as low as ₹500 per month with the average monthly contribution being ₹950, in least.

Kaleidofin customers can start saving from as low as INR 500 per month. The average savings of a customer at present is INR 950 per month.

Kaleidofin has a partnership model. It works with MFIs, NGOs and Corporate houses to provide the last mile touch point with our customers. As on date, it has tie-ups with 28 network partners and have over 50,000 customers through them. It is currently present in 10 states of India and aims to expand its presence to over 20 states in the coming year.

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