Lenovo a Chinese multinational technology company recently launched its affordable sporty smartwatch with round dial - The Ego on Amazon. Interestingly priced at INR 1999/- Lenovo Ego is compatible with iOS and Android phones through a downloadable app called Lenovo Life.

Lenovo Ego has a heart rate monitor and various sports modes like walking running cycling swimming etc. It also tracks your sleep patterns as well and other features to monitor sleep schedule. The smartwatch has different vibrating patterns based on the notification alerts ranging from phone calls emails text messages and other social media apps.

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The smartwatch is water-resistant up to 50 meters. It also maps calories burnt and stroke style while swimming. The battery life of the Lenovo Ego is 20 days on a single charge. The watch is lightweight and it has an inbuilt 1.6-inch anti-reflective monochrome display which illuminates at one click of the button.

Lenovo Ego has a remote camera which clicks picture in a single tap on the display screen of the smartwatch. It has a durable black strap which is wrapped tightly on the wearer wrist even during demanding exercises. Furthermore it has a 42mm anti-shine reflective display and night light mode.

This smartwatch has promising features and suited best for fitness enthusiasts.

Some of the key features of the smartwatch:

  • 24-hour real-time heart rate monitoring

  • water resistant up to 50 meters

  • 42mm anti-shine reflective display

  • night light mode

  • 20 days on a single charge.

  • compatible with all iOS and Android phones

Availability: https://amzn.to/2QD4v5g.
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