National Level India’s Biggest Rural Technical Festival titled “Antahpragnya 2020" to be held at RGUKT (Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge and Technologies (RGUKT)), the temple city of Basar, 180 km from Hyderabad, the state capital of Telangana from January 31st 2020 to February 2nd 2020. 

Disclosing this in a press note issued, Dr. A. Ashok, IAS, Vice-Chancellor of RGUKT, said it comprises of technical, literary, entrepreneurial, fun, cultural activities. 

RGUKT is the first ICT based University in Telangana for rural meritorious students. The main aim of Antahpragna 2020, says Dr. Ashok, is to spot and encourage rural tech innovators.

The theme of the biggest ever National Rural Technical Festival is to ‘spot and encourage rural tech innovators’, Dr Ashok added

Antahpragnya, the Rural Technical Fest is very unique. Some of the best brainy students study in rural areas will participate. We need to nurture these innovative brains by creating an ecosystem. This platform can be used by them to apply technology to simple human tasks and create some of the finest and most eco-friendly products and equipment shared Mr. Swapnil Jangale, Convenor.

A total of 300 plus prototype working models created by 4000 rural ignited minds from the RGUKT varsity and outside are presented as part of the program, while 200 different colourful events will be organized. Nearly 50000 people from nearby places and other colleges are expected to witness the Three Day National Level India’s Biggest Rural Technical Festival added Mr. Haribabu, Co-Convenor. 

Thousands of Students belonging to reputed colleges across the length and breadth of India are taking part in the event.

Some of the events include  Virtual Reality, Hologram, Robo Race, Development of Ideal Village Project; Robo Soccer, Sci-Fest(a National Science Fair), Campus Farming Competition etc and others. 

Under Techies for Karshak, Campus Farming Competition, a novel competition which is unheard of before will be held. This is a competition between the branches, PUC1 and PUC2 in implementing innovative ideas and improving the yield of the crop. One acre of land near the football ground in the campus is levelled, cleaned and made it ready for farming. The land is divided into 9 equal parts each for the branches. The participants were given away Spinach seeds and asked to grow that crop. This is a competition between all branches for the championship THE AGRI CHAMPIONSHIP. The champions are decided and judged by the farmers who come to the event.

Students to spend a day with the farmers in a nearby locality, film their entire day, interview them at the end on their problems and solutions they look for. The winners will be adjudged for the most creative and accurate documentary inform A. Sandeep, R. Jyothsna, MSVN Sai and Keerthana, the coordinators of the event.

Robo Race is an innovative event planned. In this fast-growing world, being faster means everything, whether it is a running race or a race of learning skills. Giving this concept a new twist, RGUKT is organizing Robo Race, wherein the students design the fastest robot and take part in the battle. 'Be the fastest or nothing else'. The faster you run the sooner you are done. Racing is great mania which one must sacrifice everything without reticence, without hesitation.

A smooth race never made a skilful racer and to take care of that we bring you the dirt arena, because, 'a little dirt never hurt'. So come with your robots to the dirt track and race it as you stole it, says Ajay, Pavan Kalyan, Tagore Charith, the Robo Race team. The goal of this event to design a manual or wireless Robot which can complete the track, full of hurdles. Each team will have four participants. 

Robo Soccer to present soccer with an entirely new dimension. The participants will bring out the hidden RONALDO, MESSI in them... participants will have lots of fun and thrill, share B. Sachin Kumar and M. Pavan Kalyan. 

There are many amazing Virtual Reality and Holographic events and many exciting games panned to attract the audience. Hundreds of designs of posters are made by students of RGUKT promoting Design in India, Made in India said Vikranth, Harish, Venkatesh, Anupriya, Tilak of designing team.

Another interesting activity is the development of IDEAL VILLAGE. This project deals with the development of the village as an ideal village. We define an ideal village as a bundle of technical devices which are delivered to its residence effectively and efficiently. “Ideal Village” is that modern energy access acts as a catalyst for development in an environment that in turns support further improvement in energy access. We focus on technology which uses improved resources, for a happy and technical society. We are making an ideal village by taking smart decisions using smart technology. It is completely based on the old tradition of livelihood fused with technology.

Some interesting models ID Verification Using QR Code; Automatic Door Open and Close; Smart Bell; Water Monitoring System; Smart Light and Fan; CC Cameras; Smart BIN; Self Erasing Board System; Face recognition System For Hostel Rooms developed by students are part of the Smart RGUKT will showcase the models. 

The team of ANTAHPRAGNYA in collaboration with SSERD(Society for Space Education, Research and Development) have come up with an intriguing way to reach out to young minds by using a distinct method of learning focused on Space Science. It is aimed at creating awareness about the exciting career in the space but also provides the right platform for identifying such brilliance and to support them to achieve their dreams through hands-on activities. And also facilitate their learning of the most important skills like Innovation, Critical thinking, Leadership and Team Management, Creativity, communication skills through Astro Space Camp. According to the team Vinod, Mallesh, Neeraj, working on this project, students will get exposure on Space Science, get Career Guidance in Aerospace Domain, they can get prepared for Space Revolution and they learn Critical and Analytical thinking.

SCI-FEST, a The National Science Fair will be held for students of Secondary High School and Intermediate Colleges, to refine and showcase their ‘Knowledge of today’s science which becomes Technology of tomorrow’. The participants work around 1. Agricultural Technologies; 2. Water Management; 3. Energy Generating Technologies, 4. Best from waste, 5. Green Energy, 6. Bio-Fertilizers, 7. Road Safety and Fire accidents, 8. Technologies for women protection, 9. Pollution Control Methods, 10. Traffic Management shares P.Akhil and S.Kiranmai.

Q’riocity is another activity aimed at testing the team’s IQ, General Knowledge and Coding at various levels.

Brogrammers is an intradepartmental event. The participants are not only tested on their coding skills but also the flexibility of their bond. Overall Brogrammers is an event of fun and tech stuff put together.

Codoholic is an intradepartmental event. It provides a team to experience what standard coding is all about. Teams battle out for the title of “Best Coders of the Department"

Trinayana the Gala Cultural Nights is aimed at bringing out the artistic, cultural, intellectual and creative skills of students into the limelight. 

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