The gaming industry is getting bigger every year. Big countries are trying to follow the same success recipe as Australia did two decades ago. After enabling gambling operators in the country, they have given the right to operate online casinos. At the same time, the Australian government was first to implement new features and advancement along with technological progress.

Self-exclusion will be implemented in Australia

Australia will be the first country around the globe to implement the self-exclusion system. It will be the most significant life-changing system for every gambler. Although the platform will be voluntary, from now on, Australian citizens will have a chance to take a break from gambling.

Australia is the biggest spender on gambling

Do you know that Australians are the biggest spenders when it comes to gaming? If we take a look at official data, Australians had spent 24 billion Australian dollars on gambling in 2018. There are many opportunities for Australians in the country – slots, blackjack, online pokies Australia, Roulette games, etc.

The new initiative comes from the Minister for Families and Social Services

Anne Ruston said that he is the author of the new initiative. Minister mentioned that the whole team of government worked together to give a green light to policy. Ruston said that from now on, Australian based online gambling platforms would have to implement a new feature that can change the life of registered users.

Best way to minimize the risk of self-harm

Minister of Communications noted that some registered users might get self-harm. Paul Fletcher said that their new legal approach would help committed players to think about life more. Registered users can take a little break from gaming and think about other things. In that way, Australian citizens can save money and plan future goals. Paul Fletcher said that they couldn’t restrict gambling because it’s the decision of each citizen. Their main goal is to avoid the risk of self-harm. Self-harm means that people addicted to gambling may lose a lot of money.

Anne Ruston believes that Australians are spending too much on gambling. 24 Billion Australian dollars every year is too much in mind of Ruston. Minister believes that new government policy will help every citizen to think about life-savings more. People should live long, so they have to think about money savings.

Voluntary for citizens but obligatory for gambling platforms

The new policy is an obligation for an online gambling platform. Each operator has to create a system where registered users can self-exclude from the website. It’s an obligation for operators but a voluntary approach for gamblers. They have a weapon of choice – continue playing or take a little break.

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