If you’re looking forward to growing some idle income, in the long run, mutual fund investment would be one of the best ideas. At present, there are forty-four AMC's in total that are Asset Management Companies in India and innumerable schemes to select from. There are more than nearly two AMC’s at present, however not all shall provide satisfactory returns. It is imperative to track the schemes individually to make the most out of it. But that is not a feasible idea as it shall be quite an unwieldy task for anybody. This is precisely where the importance of the mutual fund investment app comes into action. There are several useful mutual fund investment applications that shall help you effectively manage and invest in several mutual funding schemes with no hassle at a single platform. Take a look. 

  1. InvesTap application for Mutual Fund offered by SBI Mutual Fund

This app is run by SBI Mutual Fund. It allows you to browse through funds, invest, switch, redeem and track performances of schemes. It helps you to plan your investments as per your financial goals. The investors even get alerts for real-time tips and notifications regarding NAV of the fund. The quickest part is that with your PAN number, you can start investing in mutual funds. Another good feature is that you can use SIP calculator, which can help you to know the SIP returns. This is the best app for mutual fund investment if you want to invest in some of the SBI funds like SBI Blue Chip Fund, SBI Balanced funds etc.

As the name already suggests, this direct mutual fund app application is operated by none other than the renowned SBI mutual finding. There are several advantageous features that this application comes with which includes efficient browsing via funds, switching, investing, redeeming as well as tracking the performances of the schemes. It aids you in planning investments according to the investor’s financial goals. With the help of this application you will be able to attain real-time tips, alerts and notifications about the NAV of your fund. 

Also, the aspect that usually takes most of the time which is the investment procedure, will get much quicker. Just with the help of your PAN number, you will be able to begin to invest fast. Another advantage that deserves mention here is you will be able to use the SIP calculator. This will be very helpful for increasing your returns of SIP. If you have plans to invest in SBI-based funding such as SBI Balanced funds, SBI BlueChip Fund, and more, this would be probably one of the best apps to invest in mutual funds for you. 

  1. MyCams Mutual fund application

This application has really good ratings which say 4.4 out of 5. One of its main functions is to schedule the options for transactions that let investors set long-term find transactions. The platform is based on zero brokerage charge and one can even invest in the newly emerging funds of a mutual fund. Unlike other applications, via this one can invest a comparatively hefty amount in the mutual fund. This application also allows users to check the PAN level. This is quite helpful in case any member of your family is investing in your account. It is compatible with both IOS as well as droid systems. This application is a very reputed one as it won the Best Financial App Award at GMASA since 2015 for two consecutive years. 

  1. Simply Save App from Reliance Mutual Funds

This application is yet another reputed one that you can definitely take into account. This application is presented by the renowned Reliance Mutual fund. It is a very easy to use application that lets you invest with as much least amount and there are also multiples available for you to choose. It enables one to redeem the investments at maximum thirty-minutes of time, twenty-four-seven for 365 days. One of the best aspects of this application is that you will be able to invest idle money in order to attain some extra returns. However, users need to keep in mind that they will only be able to invest liquid fund via this application and shall be unable to invest in any other mutual fund scheme with the help of this application. 

  1. KFinKart- Investor Mutual Funds

The main purpose of this particular application is to abridge the efforts of an investor in case of mutual funding. It is a single-touch login application that allows you to invest along with a series of mutual funds and provide an entirely new medium to invest your money. It focuses on a one-point view of one’s investments, making decisions, managing profiles without requiring several applications offered by different funding houses. This application is to create a substantial percentage of time and money by interlinking and tracking the investor’s family portfolios through AMCs invest in the NFOs, reinvest, transact, stop or start the SIPs, etc. 

  1. Groww Mutual Fund Application

Groww is one of the fastest-growing and currently the largest platform for mutual fund investors. It is a highly advanced application with incredible features. There are zero commission items and products allowed on this particular platform to customers which indicate that beginners can use it. New investors would not need to open a new Demat account. The BSE star MF is utilized by Groww for easing transactions. It has many other flexible features like this. Also, another point to be noted it’s that it is a secure application. It has a reputation of keeping user's applications 100% secured and there has been no negative rumor regarding the same. The investments re-dealt directly with the AMC and hence there are no chances for any challenges or insecurity. There are also SIP Calculator facilities for users available which one of the foremost requirements nowadays is.  It can be considered as all mutual funds in one app that has been remarkably meeting the needs and requirements of investors so far. 

So, make the most of your investment by saving time and effort with the help of this highly reputed and trending mutual fund investment application today. 

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