Voyzapp, an online marketplace for voice over artists announces “Audiobook Narration Contest” amid the lockdown to generate opportunities for voice over artists to showcase their talent while progressively continuing with its endeavour of revolutionizing the voice industry.

Being a technology-driven platform, Voyzapp, as a pioneer in the voice-over industry, strives to eliminate the various levels of unnecessary intermediaries existing in the traditional voice over process. It is focused to enrich the artists, streamline the scattered voice over industry and provide an unbelievable experience to the customers searching for voice over artists.

By initiating the contest, “Voyzapp aims to encourage the artists to come forward and showcase their talent. In this technology driven era, there is a unanimous trend among people shifting from reading books to opting for audiobooks, and the present nation-wide lockdown has only enhanced the demand for audiobooks! As such, there is a considerable surge in demand of voice over artists to deliver compelling narration accompanied with quality enunciation”, says the Founder, Sourav Jandial.

Therefore, to fill in this gap, Voyzapp - always keen to promote the interests of the voice-over artists, turned it into an enticing opportunity where the participants can also win ‘Voyzapp Gift Cash’. Being able to win a cash prize while fulfilling one’s dreams is a good way to motivate budding artists who dream of taking up voice overs as a career.

The contestants just need to register at Voyzapp (or login in case they already have an account), record their favourite assay from their most favourite book in English / regional language and upload in the “Audiobook” category at the website. The participation process is kept overtly simple, yet digital, to ensure that even a novice artist who believes in his/her voice and is geared up to showcase talent to the world can participate easily without any hassles.

Therefore, during the lockdown, the contest comes as a boon for all the artists; this guarantees the smooth continuity of the sector without having to worry about the safety of the people.    

About the Company:

Voyzapp is a technology-powered voice over marketplace that offers quick, efficient, cost-effective, and professional voice over services  in multiple languages. The platform offers the customers an opportunity to compare prices of thousands of voice actors and listen to their voices instantly. It is India's largest online marketplace for Voice over artists - offering an automated platform with highly competitive costs and unbelievable turnaround time. Voyzapp eliminates any middlemen, thereby delivering highly cost effective services without any delay. 

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