Indians love apps, in fact, Indians love apps so much it’s changed how Indians search and gather information. Outside of India search engines, like Google and Baidu, the main navigational tool to find new information. Search Engines are still the most common way to find answers to doubts in India, but the use of the App Store and Google Play to search for information is rapidly trending upwards. 

More services are moving online and more customers are using said services. This is especially evident in the number of apps being downloaded in India. Between July and September of this year, almost 17% of the worlds downloaded apps were in India. A total of 5 billion mobile applications were downloaded putting India in the first place position of countries with the most downloaded apps. The USA came in second place with 3.1 billion downloads and Brazil third with 2.1 billion.

What makes these statistics especially interesting is the fact that even though India is the largest market for app use, no Indian made apps reached the top 20 list of most downloaded apps. The top 20 list is dominated by American, Chinese and Russian apps.

Even though India has the most rapidly growing amount of internet users its businesses cannot keep up. Even though there are more educated programmers in India than ever it has yet to come to par with other major economies within digital solutions. 

Regulatory Hurdles

A part of the problem is regulatory bottlenecks created both nationally and locally by different government levels in India. This is a problem for both domestic and international apps but with the main difference being that apps from other nations have the opportunity to test out there product first on their own domestic market. Once they have a complete product they can launch it in India and focus solely on the possible regulatory issues within the country. 

Domestic app creators, on the other hand, have problems from day one with outdated laws constantly working against them. An industry where this is especially evident is lotteries. Indian lotteries are immensely popular but have yet to reach their full potential. It is an industry where it is fairly easy to create apps that not only are more efficient but also environmentally friendly and safer.

The Rise of Online Services

Online lotteries are becoming more popular globally and with a constantly growing percentage of netizens, India is no exception. At the moment there is only one government that offers lotteries on the internet which is the Sikkim government with their Playwin lottery. Sadly it does not offer an app. International online lotteries, on the other hand, do.

Websites, like this Indian lottery portal, have caught up on this fact and provide guides, statistics and reviews on leading international online lotteries and the apps they have available. A service that could be provided for state lotteries if there were any to compare between.

This leads to yet another problem for the government. Previous earnings from Indian state lotteries are now being funnelled out of the country to international lotteries. Sadly, this might be the wake-up call government officials need to speed up process facilitating digitalization. This is just one of the many industries affected but hopefully, there will be a change for the better in the near future. 

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