• The daily transactions of AstoTalk online app reach over 700+

  • The total number of astrologers 300+ and a whopping installation 900,000+

  • The repeat rate of consultation 7+ and rated 4.7 out of 5 highest in the industry

  • Generating a profit of USD 1 Million per annum

Imagine the repeat rate of online astrology consultation exceeds that of the repeat order at Swiggy! And that’s exactly what happens if an authentic astrologer predicts your future most accurately without any fallacy. Sounds unbelievable?

Started in 2017, AstroTalk is an online astrology app for future prediction, most precisely. With a pool of experienced professionals and industry’s best astrologers, the two years old online app, AstroTalk, earning a whopping installation of 900,000+ and rated up to 4.7 out of 5 (highest in this industry) has become a table turner for a tech-graduate Puneet Gupta hailing from a service professional and end up being an IT entrepreneur.

AstroTalk aims to disrupt astrology industry with the use of technology and excellent customer service in order to help customers find the right astrologer and take the correct predictions that guide him in the right direction.

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This may sound common but the most interesting part is that a staunch disbeliever in Astrology happens to launch an Astrology online app. It all happened with Puneet when he came across an Astrologer Heena Gokhru, who has predicted that he would do well with IT business for the initial 2 years but then would struggle around a year after the departure of his Co-founder and that’s exactly what has happened with him after he left his job from investment bank Nomura and BNP Paribas to start his own IT services partnership company, CodeYeti.

This IT firm did well for 2 years but then after his Co-founder left in March 2017, his business started to decline and this was the time when he realized Heena’s prediction to be correct. Back in 2014, she had predicted that Puneet would do well again if he embarks on another online business. And that has what happened exactly when Puneet forayed into an online product. With foolproof prediction of Heena, he started believing in Astrology as a study of science and decided to pivot online astrology service consultation as an in-house product of his existing firm where Heena also became a part. He started believing, “You don’t choose Astrology, Astrology chooses you”.

In a press release, the startup said -- Astrology is a science that studies the influence of the distant cosmic objects usually the movement of the stars and planets have on human lives and its effect on people that makes him follow and directs in a path for which he is destined to. With the exact occurrences of a series of events as predicted by his BNP ex-colleague, Heena, Puneet began to develop trust on this subject and he included online astrology consultation as an in-house product, AstroTalk. It is a simple product where customers can see a list of 300+ astrologers on the portal. They can recharge their wallet to choose astrologers based on their reviews and ratings after screening their profile, call or chat with the latter enquiring about their future or discussing their problems to get solutions. With foolproof predictions, AstroTalk has become the best platform in the field of Astrology in less than 2 years as this sector has always been on high demand.

Focussed on the impact, AstroTalk aims to reach out to everyone who is undergoing a dark phase in life and add value to them. This online app has always concentrated on customer satisfaction. With this idea, the bootstrapped company has commenced providing first consultation free of cost to every Indian customer.

Hiring astrologers in the initial days has been difficult for AstroTalk as the rejection rate of astrologers was more than 80%. But later the process of recruiting the industry’s best astrologers from India where multiple case studies and interviews are given for screening, it ensures prediction quality and communication skills that records some 20 registrations per day and ends up hiring about 1-2 astrologers, growing a whopping 300+ astrologers.

On this occasion, Puneet Gupta, Founder & CEO, AstroTalk shares, “We are growing at 25% MoM in terms of revenue. Until recently, we didn’t spend anything on marketing and our complete revenue was from repeat customers and user referrals. Now, we are focusing on marketing and providing free services to create more impact. Our next challenge is to become a household brand where people recognize us. We are currently generating USD 1 Million in annual profit."

Being the market leader in the field of online astrology consultation, AstroTalk has recently started providing the first consultation absolutely free to reach more customers and create a bigger impact and brand awareness.

“For scaling up the business and creating more brand awareness, our focus for the next 2 years would be on branding, marketing, and providing freebies,” adds Puneet.

A graduate from PEC University of Technology, Chandigarh in 2011, Puneet Gupta has worked with an investment bank Nomura and BNP Paribas for 4 years, before starting an IT services company CodeYeti. After his Co-Founder left in March 2017 post a failure from a service business and a loss on 2 tech products for 6 months, he forayed into another online consultation service AstroTalk in October 2017, which became his brainchild.

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