Who will not prefer gambling over hard work anyday ? This is the easy way out to liquid cash without spending hours and hours at that same vocation. A hint of some focused play and truck loads of luck is all your need to secure it big in a casino game. The actual concern is that your morality and its authenticity will be questioned.

Words of William Inge say that, "Gambling is a disease of barbarians superficially civilized". The essence of gambling lies in how you perceive it and what all notions have you attached with it. Be it gambling in a casino in Vegas or anyplace else or be it online via your computer screens, gambling can escalate things way too good and can take your financials down like a fat kid on a seesaw. But still the world gambles to try out their luck and now there are many different modes for it too.

Online casinos might be a totally new concept to some, but it has been around since 1996 and the first move was made either by websites called Crypto-Logic or Micro-gaming. With their inception, many gambling websites were seen operating on the scene

Now, online casino is a big reality and the internet happily hosts it. The countries worldwide have put their own laws, regulations and restrictions in place to monitor the online gambling and casino status. Same way, India keeps a close eye on its online casino functionality via its myriad of policies and laws enacted.

Online Casinos in India

In a country like India, online and physical casinos, gambling and betting is regulated by age old laws which aren't too clear in some aspects. Casino gaming takes into account slots, table games, poker, rummy and others. 

Each state legislature of India has the authority to set up laws and regulations of its own. In India, online gambling or India Slots is still in its early years. There is the information and technology Act (2000) which keeps in check all cyber activities in India and sees to the fact that no sensitive or depraved information is out in public. Online casinos aren't to be seen anywhere described specifically.

There are ample of casinos offering online gambling sessions to the Indian audience for example Betway, LeoVegas, 22Bet, Royal Panda, Rizk Casino etc.

There are states in India which are highly inclined to ban land based casinos. And then there are some like Maharashtra where very clearly, online gambling is prohibited and right away a criminal offence, as stated by the "Bombay Wager Act". The Indian States of the East namely Sikkim and Nagaland to be exact, have a different mindset and offerings for the same
Sikkim and the Entire Online Casinos Implications

Sikkim was the state which had offered it's very first license to an online gambling operator named Future Gaming Solutions in October 2014. It leads the forefront as it is the second state after Goa to host land casinos (2 in number) and the first one to legalize legit and approved online gambling. Earlier, sikkim had intended to give three online gambling licences, as early as 2010.

Furthermore, the Government of Sikkim (Finance, Revenue and Expenditure Department) on March 4, 2009 had circulated a notation known as Sikkim On-line Gaming (Regulation) Act, 2008 . There are legalities which are in place in this state of India to regulate the entire gambling scenes. You will be able to find sites like Adda52, KheloPoker and many others like it are based and operated from Sikkim. 

All in all, the age old Public Gambling Act of 1867, which was put into action by the Britishers, under the British rule has lost some of its significance in today's times. Centrally and in some Indian states, this law was readily adopted and followed. Those states which did not want to confirm it, enacted their own gambling laws. Moreover, in the Public Gambling Act of 1867, there cannot be found any relevance to online gaming either. Neither does the Information and Technology Act of 2000, as seen above is capable enough to make matters clear in terms of online casinos.

The states have the authority to pass legislation in their jurisdiction and Sikkim has done so rightfully by giving out licenses to online gambling website, if they are able to meet the criteria and fulfill the demands which are required. This is a huge step forward by Sikkim, as it is high time that the Indian audience was able to grab legit online gambling opportunities from trusted sources and totally do away with them archaic online gambling laws.

Sikkim state offers licenses for the following under Sikkim Gaming Laws : Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, Keno, Baccarat, bingo, pontoon, super pan. Both Nagaland and Sikkim Gambling Laws, grant online gambling services to providers who have been given a licence and are operating under the same.
Scope and Future of online Casinos and Gambling

It is quite natural, a totally alien country like Indian which is virgin and unexposed to the online gambling world, is becoming a hot spot for many foreign countries and firms looking to plough into it and gain some profit.

Studies and statistics published by MECN (Media Entertainment Consulting Network), Asia conclude that India is by far the fastest growing and largest market for online gambling across the globe. What contributes to this is India's adult audience which is three times the size of that of the United States. A big adult audience means a big market abundant of people ready to spend money. It is what makes India a magnet attracting online casinos and gambling operators.

Not only this, the process of obtaining a license under a state offering gambling permits is not at all a big task. This is a real emerging business opportunity.It has a very bright and optimistic future, if the Indian government is able to handle it well.

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We opine that the market for India is very ripe and ready to take gambling both online and on land head on. There need to be clear and strict laws for the same. With every state having the validation to pass on individual jurisdictions, matters become complicated but at the same time are lucrative as well.

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