Startup Europe India Network (SEINET), the Europe and India focused Startup ecosystem builder has just launched B2B SaaS Startup listings on its platform. Marketplaces for consumer discounts and easy to find consumer offerings are numerous but not a whole lot for enterprise Startups.

A number of B2B Startups are building some cool tools and solutions that can save cost and deliver great solutions in the enterprise ecosystem; but finding the right enterprise offering is quite an ad-hoc process.

To address this challenge, SEINET is now featuring B2B Startups discounts, offers and free trials. SEINET platform is frequented by Corporates, Startups and. Now Startups can take advantage of the potential customer traffic by featuring their offerings.

To be featured, a B2B Startup should be (a) operating a minimum of one-year (b) revenue generating (c) and list a discount, free trial or an offer for a potential client. The B2B SaaS Startups that are relevant to Europe and Indian markets are invited. All qualified Startups can have one-year free listing on SEINET. One of the first Startups to list is Alore – a SaaS startup building growth tools for SMBs and now offers 50% discount for 6 months through SEINET.

Praveen Paranjothi, Managing Director and founder of SEINET says: We are building the new age online ecosystem with SEINET.  An age where funding and great talent can seamlessly connect to hack Startup growth; Focused on tech and impact ecosystems in Europe and India, we have also built a great set of invite-only Trusted Experts Network encompassing folks who have done growth, tech and investment hacking. Experts such as Head of Data Science at HSBC, Head of AI at Surplus, Partners at VC firms and the likes.

In the line-up of these efforts, we now seek to address the challenges a B2B SaaS startup faces, the long sales cycle and startup discovery in the enterprise sector. If we can help streamline the Startup offerings and help reduce the sales cycle, we would be adding immense value in this space.

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