You always need money to start your business. Of course, an idea and a well-thought-out technology for its implementation are also necessary things. But a talented person is able to come up with a dozen good ideas, each of which has a chance to become world-famous. But if there is no money, you will not move one step towards your business dream. Crowdfunding is changing the game. It is a way to get investments for your project without bank loans and to borrow money from relatives.

If your business becomes extremely successful, it will be great to share the joy of your victory with someone you love. If you don’t have such a person yet and you’re done trying, we suggest that you give dating services a try. There is a dating platform reviewer called HookupGeek, and it analyzes all the aspects of online dating sites imaginable. Thanks to it, you’ll find the most reliable service to find this significant someone.

So, here is the list of the crowdfunding platforms that are bound to take your business to the next level:

  1. Kickstarter

This one is the most popular crowdfunding resource now. Kickstarter is one of the thousand most visited sites in the world - and this is a very good indicator, which suggests that Kickstarter is really useful.

Kickstarter has served as the basis for the creation of other similar crowdfunding sites. Kickstarter collects money to implement specific ideas and not to finance the companies that already exist. If the declared amount has not been collected for a certain period, then all the money received will be returned back to investors. This is one of the mandatory laws of Kickstarter. The term for fundraising and the minimum amount required is determined by the author of the project.

  1. IndieGoGo

This is another popular international crowdfunding platform. Here you can raise money for charity, launching your own business, implementing any interesting idea. Unlike Kickstarter, IndieGoGo transfers to the project author all funds raised by a certain deadline, even if the amount is not sufficient. Only the size of the commission changes: if the goal of the fundraising project is reached, the resource keeps 4% of what you’ve gotten. But if not, then 9%. The IndieGoGo service extends to approximately 200 countries of the world, so the resource can be called the most international.

One of the main differences between IndieGoGo and other similar resources is that the rating of projects is not compiled manually, but the automatic calculation is used. The algorithm analyzes the level of activity of authors and investors, the number of updates, comments, etc., and based on this, a popularity rating for projects within IndieGoGo is compiled.

By the way, IndieGoGo has recently launched a new fundraising area. Now you can raise money there to finance various life events: large family celebrations, weddings, medical operations, contingencies, etc. But if you have nobody to have a wedding with and try out this new IndieGoGo feature, you can find the person perfect for you thanks to the HookupGeek. This service analyzes the reliability, prices, quality of different dating services. This way, you’ll undoubtedly find the right person for you!

  1. RocketHub

Here you can raise funds for projects related to art, business, science, as well as for socially important goals. The principle is the same as that of IndieGoGo - how much money is collected is exactly how much you get. But if the entire amount has not been collected, then you should pay a larger percentage of the commission. All the information on the projects (including how much money has already been raised, which people donated money, etc.) is publicly available for each user.

RocketHub is perfect for beginners. Even if you do not know what crowdfunding is and how to work with it, you can use the services of the school, which was created with the RocketHub resource. You will be told what you need to write in the application, how to organize a fundraiser, what are the features and nuances of RocketHub, and crowdfunding in general. So, you can achieve maximum results on your project.

To conclude

If you have wonderful ideas or an already completed project in which you believe, and you need finances for its development, be sure to use these services. Good luck with all your unique business!


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