Suresh Chitturi, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Srinivasa Farms, has been appointed as Chairman of International Egg Commission on 26th September at the IEC Global Leadership Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Suresh will be the first chair from Asia in the history of the institution, as he assumes the role as the Chairman of IEC. He will hold the position for the next two years. His work has been recognized at a global level as he is engaged in advocacy for the poultry industry, internationally and his election into this coveted position is a proof of that.

Suresh Chitturi, leads Srinivasa Farms, a dominant force in the Indian Poultry Industry. Srinivasa is recognized as one of the builders of the Indian Poultry Industry in the last 50years. After assuming leadership, Suresh steered Srinivasa to achieve sustainably high growth through expansion and diversification. Srinivasa is currently involved in Chicken Breeding, Chicken & Egg Processing, Feed Manufacturing and also Soya Oil Extraction and Processing.

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Suresh’s work has led to the company being recognized for always doing what is best for the individual farmers, industry and India. Adopting a farmer first philosophy, he is passionate about ensuring that the poultry industry is healthy and sustainable through adoption of latest technologies, good rearing practices and welfare of the livestock. Suresh is helping the Poultry industry to be more sustainable and responsible in its production and sourcing.

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About IEC

The International Egg Commission is the global network for the egg industry. It has members in over 80 countries around the world. It was established at the second International Egg Conference in Bologna, Italy, in 1964.

The London, UK-based commission has a number of goals. Among these are the fostering of international cooperation among all sectors of the egg industry, encouraging the development of better statistics and market intelligence for shell eggs and egg products, and collecting and publishing such data, and encouraging the harmonization internationally of marketing standards for shell eggs and egg products.

The IEC in fact, is the only organization that represents the global egg industry. As the global voice of the egg industry, the IEC has the responsibility to discuss industry issues as well as to maintain links with other international organizations.

The IEC is able to act as a communication link between industry and international regulators / decision makers, and therefore takes positions on a range of issues.

IEC established International Egg Foundation (IEF) in 2014 to work as an independent charitable foundation.

The IEF’s goals are to help implement the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and increase egg production and egg consumption in underdeveloped countries to provide undernourished infants, children and families with an independent, sustainable, high-quality protein supply. To achieve these goals, the IEF works alongside the world’s largest and most effective charitable foundations and with the world’s largest egg businesses to help ensure high-quality protein is accessible to everybody no matter who they are or where they come from.

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