Health is one of the life priorities for people in Asia. The company has revealed that almost every fifth of its customers in the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and India work out two or more times a week.

While Indians do not show the highest discipline (17%) compared to Indonesians (23%), Vietnamese (22%) and Filipinos (21%), still sports activities take a significant place for many local customers.

There is an interesting contrast in the types of sports activities favoured by customers in different countries. Particularly, Indians prefer fitness (39%). It makes them close to Indonesians (36%) and differs from the Vietnamese and Filipinos fond of playing ball sports (42% and 29%, respectively): football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, etc. For customers in India, it takes only second place (27%).

Commenting on the results of the poll, the analysts of Robocash Group added: “Overall, the main reason to use online financing services remains the same: it helps meeting current expenses. However, for different customers, the scope of regular needs maybe not limited by food and monthly payment bills.

The survey has revealed that, on average, one out of four respondents used online financing for purposes related to sport at least once. It means that sport is gradually taking its place within the structure of regular expenses as a means of maintaining good health."

Respectively, it is quite significant that almost every fourth of respondents in India (26%) might use online financing for sports purposes in the future. For example, to purchase the necessary sports equipment, pay for tickets to events etc.

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