India's leading sports tech AI startup Roanuz Softwares Pvt Ltd today announced the launch of its Football API. Fantasy Football is a way for fans of the sport to participate in the game. Instead of just watching, they can put together a team for the match and interact with the ongoing ones on the field in various ways. This makes the user a part of the game instead of an observer and increases his knowledge about the game, his enjoyment and sense of inclusion.

This initiative is a part of a launching campaign. Roanuz has, however, an extended list of customers in all sorts of business areas: Game/Entertainers Developers, Sports Startups, Sports Fans Clubs etc. supporting thousands of apps, web-solutions and direct information displays all over the world.

This live and interactive method of participatory sports gaming creates possibilities for developers, that until recently were not possible. The Fantasy API provides easy to use, readymade data for the developers that can be easily integrated to their platforms. It takes away a lot of the hassle for them to collect and manipulate data, as it is served on a plate.

Talking about the Football Fantasy API, Anto Binish Kaspar, Founder and CEO of Roanuz Softwares Pvt Ltd said “The users themselves experience a much deeper engagement to the game, when the live data is used. He learns more about the game and all its complications through own experience and develops a tighter relationship with the sport itself. By gamifying the observer role, the game also takes a more competitive form for everyone and develops the feeling of inclusion in a group of gamers. When the game-player does exceptionally well, the observer even becomes the observed.”

Player Credit value (Market Value) for the match is the crucial factor for any Fantasy Game. Today, App developers have a dedicated team to manually create Player Credit Value for each player for every match based on the players stats & recent performance. This is huge work for App developers and its error-prone manual process. Roanuz Football Fantasy API takes care of Player Credit Value and uses it Artificial intelligence to control Credit value to improve the gamification.

He adds “Also, We have introduced a new credit management system where customer can choose the specific match and update the player credit value as per the demand of customer application use case and get through the same credit value of his player in an immediate basis on his Credit Variation API [Credit value can update from customer using our credit management interface].”

Roanuz Softwares Pvt Ltd, is India's one of the leading AI-based sports tech company offering cricket information via bot. The bot titled Cricket Bot API addresses an exhaustive set of information, from live and historical data on matches to player and team stats. Currently, 75 % of the top Cricket Fantasy Apps are built with the Roanuz Cricket API. Also, Roanuz Cricket API provides various solutions like Chatbot API, Performance API to construct an effective application.

With the closure of FY 2018-19, Roanuz witnessed a whopping increase in their sales growth (owing to the IPL season) – 276%. The splendid performance has boosted the team further, and they are now targeting a 350% hike in the current financial year.

About Roanuz Softwares Pvt Ltd.

Artificial Intelligence has found its way into almost all the key sectors today and has brought in tremendous transformations in all the sectors that it has touched. Be it, technology/startups, pharmaceutical, education, logistics, ecommerce, etc. AI has been helping achieve the unthinkable. Sports technology is one such sector that has been witnessing newer developments, all thanks to the AI technology. Roanuz is one such AI-based sports technology company whose creative ideas have opened up new possibilities for the sports enthusiasts.

Roanuz was conceptualized, formed and bootstrapped by Anto Binish Kaspar (Founder & CEO) with dream to make huge global impact on A.I and Sports Tech. Very soon the team realised cricket is far away from latest tech, and they worked towards the same through their platform to bring in new innovative possibilities and avenues for the game enthusiast. They realised Cricket Dataset quality and availability wasn't good as others sports like Soccer. So the team believed, Cricket API will bring state-of-art tech into Cricket data & faster delivery.

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