The Gujarat Government, through its Student Start-up and Innovation Policy (SSIP) programme, has lent support to as many as 4,000 innovative projects, while it braces for harnessing and upscaling 500 students' startups in the next five years.

Speaking at the inaugural of the 1st edition of a 2-day SSIP Student Annual Conference on Student Innovation, Start-ups and Ecosystem held yesterday at Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII) campus, Gujarat's Principal Secretary (Education) Anju Sharma said that innovative projects including over 2,000 prototypes had already been developed and 500 of them are patented.

Speaking at the conference, State's Commissioner of Technical Education Avantika Singh said the Gujarat Government had set a goal of "harnessing as well as scaling up 500 students' startups in the next five years."

Launched in 2017, the Student Startup and Innovation Policy (SSIP) of Government of Gujarat is focused on creating an integrated, state-wide, university-based innovation ecosystem in order to support ideas and innovations of the students and offer them a conducive environment that would harness their creative pursuit.

Held at EDII on June 6 and 7, the conference saw the participation of about 155 start-ups and 118 young innovators from across the country, along with 18 academic institutions, 9 universities and 79 mentors. A total of 11 student start-ups and 5 young innovators along with 3 institutions, 3 universities and 10 mentors will receive SSIP Prashansha awards.

Prominent speakers at the event include Kris Gopalakrishnan, Chairman, Axilor Ventures. Former Executive Co-Chairman, Infosys, Dr Saji Gopinath, CEO, Kerala Startup Mission; Yashraj and Yuvraj Bhardwaj, 18-year old twin brothers who are founders of Zenith Viper; Sanjay Kumar, Founder, Start-up Village, Kritika Murugesan from NASSCOM, 10K.

In the event's stage-wise process the students are first educated about what innovation and creativity is and why is 'Design Thinking' important. The students then come up with several innovative projects "from which certain good projects that have potential are selected by the Screening Committee of their respective institutes for prototype development.

The prototypes that get developed result into startups for which further support to the students is provided by the government, including the patent fees and patent consultancy. Around 4,000 such innovative projects are supported.

Among the start-ups, 'Bogie Sauf', an automated tire air pressure maintenance system from Government Engineering College in Dahod in central Gujarat, 'Booz- Hello Skate Mobility' from Gujarat University Startup and Entrepreneurship Council, 'Maarg Sahayaka' from Vishwakarma Government Engineering College were major attractions at a startups exhibition, which has also been organised.

Bogie Sauf

Developed by mechanical engineering students of Government Engineering College in Dahod -- Mayur Mahla, Gaurav Chale, and Kartik Patel, Bogie Sauf is a innovative system which would automatically fill air after a tyre has been punctured enabling the vehicle to ply for a distance.

[caption id="attachment_131000" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Bougie Sauf Mayur Mahla, Gaurav Chale and Kartik Patel Dahod residents & mechanical engineering students Mayur Mahla, Gaurav Chale and Kartik Patel
[Image -][/caption]

The device would automatically fill air at the very moment when a tyre of a vehicle is punctured. The air filled into the tyre 'on-the-go' that is even if the vehicle is moving and the vehicle can go up to 70 km. The device stops filling up air, if the vehicle comes to a halt. The innovation can ensure the safety of women driving late at night and can also be used against dacoits, Naxalites, and even terrorists, who often plan flattening the tyres of vehicles in order to execute their bad intentions.

The students received initial funding of Rs 27,000 through Students Start-up and Innovation Policy of the state government through which they developed a prototype of one tyre and displayed their idea at the exhibition held at Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII).

Source - India Today, DNA India

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