US-based Customer relationship management (CRM) software firm Salesforce has announced the launch of its own blockchain platform, which it describes as a low-code platform for Non-Coders that will enable organisations to share verified, distributed data sets across a trusted network.

Named Salesforce Blockchain, the new blockchain channel is built on Hyperledger Sawtooth, an open source modular platform for designing, deploying, and running distributed ledgers.

The blockchain platform is also a 'low-code' platform connected to CRM so that organizations can securely collaborate and share data across third parties. A low-code development platform is a software that provides an environment for not-so-expert programmers or Non-Coders to create application software through graphical user interfaces (drag-and-drop application) and configuration instead of traditional computer programming.

This also means one does not have to go out and recruit blockchain developers but any Salesforce admin or developer can use Salesforce Blockchain with its intuitive UX powered by Lightning, an app development platform of Salesforce. Its integration with Lightning allows customers to easily and declaratively build and maintain blockchain apps, networks, and flows that are directly connected to customer records within Salesforce.

Salesforce partners and third parties can leverage Lightning's intuitive UX and easily connect to the blockchain app or network — which helps with adoption, one of the most crucial pieces of the blockchain puzzle.

Currently available to select designer partners, Salesforce Blockchain is expected to become generally available in 2020 — , and it’s customized for Salesforce Lightning, Salesforce’s front-end framework for app development. It consists of three components: Blockchain Builder, a developer toolset for building blockchain applications; Blockchain Connect, which integrates blockchain actions with Salesforce apps; and Blockchain Engage, which enables customers to invite parties to blockchain apps created within Salesforce.

In a statement, the company said the platform used the open source technology of Hyperledger Sawtooth, and would make it easier for customers to:

<li>Build networks with clicks: Customers could now create and share a blockchain object in the same process as any CRM data object — with clicks, not code.</li>

<li>Automate data with the Salesforce Lightning platform: Blockchain data could be made actionable through native integration with Salesforce.</li>

<li>Engage partners easily: Companies could now pull in APIs, pre-built apps and integrate any existing blockchains with Salesforce.</li>

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