Have you ever felt like getting rid of some data or junk files on your device?. This demand is common with Android phones and iPhone. Going about this, one might think they need loads of technical know-how, at least after several common known methods must have failed. This is actually not easy to go by, and that means you must know what to do, and specifically, the details of how to wipe an iPhone.

Also, you may deem it necessary to keep your memory as clean as possible and even after deleting the history log, you want to permanently delete the cache. Here, you would need to know how to clear cache on iPhone.

iPhone Wiping With dr.fone-erase (iOS)

Every once in a while, we all might be faced with the challenge of erasing stuff from our devices permanently. This even becomes more complex if you are an iPhone user. With the tremendous offers that come with iOS devices, some of the apps store information for future use, and they form a special memory called "Cache"- where you can retrieve any information quickly. Unfortunately, this seemingly beautiful feature begins to pose space troubles later on. You start noticing that your phone’s efficiency has reduced and your device isn’t even functioning as optimally as you would expect.

It must be stated that the background apps in iPhone do not get any space at all in the cache, and once you close them down, they do not use any other storage. That means, to free up some space in your device, you can simply remove the junk files and even do basic elementary tasks such as reducing your photo size. The truth, however, is that the numerous conventional methods do not suffice. Nonetheless, you can make your device work faster by freeing the memory of junks and clearing the cache permanently with the help of dr.fone- Erase (iOS) software.

If you fall within the category of people that seek special and accurate ways of wiping their iPhone, and at the same time, clearing the cache permanently- be reminded that so many people are familiar with a complete solution. Perhaps you even wonder if there’s any out there.

You really have to try dr.fone - Erase (iOS) software. This software, produced by dr.fone, is the absolute therapy for wiping or permanently erasing the data on your phone. It allows you to do selective wiping and clearing of your cache, private chat history, etc.

Benefits of Using dr.fone- Erase (iOS)

If your device has suddenly become slower than usual, there are 1,001 that could be responsible for this. Meanwhile, it is logical to attribute this setback to the apps on your device. Other than apps, cancelled or incomplete downloads consume unnecessary space in your device memory. To enhance the performance of your device and wipe the cache clean completely, it's high time you deployed dr.fone- Erase (iOS) to use. It will do a clean job and a magnificent one.

The tool is:

  1. Easily usable

  2. Allows you to do a selective deletion

All app generated files, temp files, log files and cached files would be completely cleaned off.

Wiping or Clearing Steps

Download the software- dr.fone- Erase (iOS) on your laptop and install.. Then, start the tool and click on "Erase"

Connect your iPhone with a compatible cable to the PC. Then, select "iOS optimizer"


A new interface pops up. Choose the cleaning services you want, and click on "Start Scan".

Once the scan is done, click "Clean Up". This does entire cache clearing.

Now, you will get a display of the amount of data or junks that have been released from your memory upon completion of the cleanup.


For incredible spring-clean speed boost, and to get your device running faster than it ever was, try this software. Even though you do not need the same dose of maintenance as you would give to Windows or Androids, your best shot here certainly would be to get the dr.fone- Erase (iOS) software.

Evidently, it is not easy to start clearing the caches or data app from the setting app, and while there are diverse easy-fix methods to solve these problems, the dr.fone- Erase (iOS) software is proven to offer much more- providing a full data eraser with the iOS Full Data Eraser option, and others such as iOS Private Data Eraser and iOS Space Saver.

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