Everything around us today, is a piece of technology that can make our lives easier. From a smartphone to a fully automated smart home, we have technology that has advanced far and wide. The kitchen space, however, where we spend most of our time planning our meals has relatively not seen that much happening. Well, all of that changes as “Pocket Kitchen LLP” introduces a German kitchen robot called “Thermomix” which will revolutionize the way we can cook just about anything.

Thermomix is a unique all-in-one smart kitchen appliance that will enhance the way people cook by helping them unlock their full culinary potential while saving time and effort. The concept of Thermomix is based on a perfectly complimentary combination of sophisticated, intelligent technology and a wealth of recipes tailored to the Thermomix.

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With over 40 years of German design and innovation, Thermomix unites the functions of 12 appliances into one compact unit that includes features such Milling or grinding, cooking, emulsifying, whipping, steaming, mixing, precise heating, etc. In addition to these functions, Thermomix has an array of features that lets you access recipes where you’re guided step-by-step to create quick and easy dishes. This sophisticated product also provides an option of selecting recipes that are automatically inbuilt into the product or a preference to choose the manual cooking mode, which gives the user greater control to create his/her own recipes.

Speaking on the brand, Director of Pocket Kitchen, Mr. Siddharth Dhurka said, “We want to create strong brand awareness across the country and have a series of happy customers who could not only benefit and enjoy using Thermomix but also act as a strong advocate and brand ambassador for the product.”

Thermomix is a brand by Vorwerk, a German family-owned company (founded in 1883). The current Thermomix has a heating element, a motor for fast or slow blending and stirring, and even a weighing scale. Technically, this extremely versatile smart kitchen robot, which is probably also the world’s smallest, does the job of 12 appliances. And yes, you read that right. The Thermomix blends, mixes, steams, emulsifies, weighs, grinds, whips, stirs, chops, kneads and cooks, and you can control the heating too.
About Pocket Kitchen

Impressed with the uniqueness of the Thermomix, Pocket Kitchen, which is an LLP (limited liability partnership) was founded to introduce this revolutionary product in India with a view to revolutionizing cooking in India. About 80% of Thermomix is sold to households with a trend where three units are sold for every minute. Apart from making its mark in the household sector in India Thermomix is also very popular among the chefs and has found it's placed in all the leading hotels in India such as Taj Group, Oberoi Hotels, Trident, Marriott, Sheraton, ITC, Novotel, etc. Thermomix also commands a strong name in R&D facility of Cipla, Abbott, Nestle, Mondelez International, Kraft Heinz, Haagen Dazs and the list goes on.

Thermomix also has an option for customers to join the dynamic sales team and show their passion for food and sales with a very flexible yet rewarding program. Thermomix also has a unique and customer friendly experience centre located at Jakkur.

[Published unedited (except the headline) Via Business Wire India feed]

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