Cricket continues to be one of the most popular sports, not just in India, but around the globe. The popularity of Cricket has led to many developers creating innovative applications and websites. These can change the way that we watch and enjoy cricket. They allow users to get a more detailed look at Cricket matches. One way to up the excitement of matches can be to place a bet. You can find more information about the best betting website on this cricket betting guide. Not all Cricket betting websites are the same, and this guide will help you to find the websites that provide the best value and user experience. In this article, we list 7 trendy Cricket startups and apps that are helping to change the perception of Cricket and allowing users to better engage with the sport.

1. CricHeroes

One of the best things about Cricket is that it is an accessible sport. It does not matter about your background. You can easily get involved in an amateur match. These matches can build new friendships and bonds. However, in the amateur world, it can be difficult to be as organized as professional matches. Some people prefer to have a competitive aspect where they can keep scores and performances recorded. CricHeroes is an innovative application that allows amateur cricketers to score their matches and tournament in real-time. It is a full Cricket network that allows people to show off their skills, and it presents a solution for the amateur league.

2. CricBuzz

The second startup on our list takes advantage of the new technology that has been available in recent years. These developments have changed the way that fans can watch and interact with Cricket matches. Previously, we have been limited to watching matches through one device. However, we are now highly interconnected with many multiple devices. CricBuzz is a startup that brings all these technologies together to provide a fast and highly immersive live Cricket experience. It is compatible with desktops, smartphones, web applications, and smart TVs. It provides cohesive coverage of every Cricket match.

3. BatFast

Another key technology development has been simulators. They are now far more realistic and immersive than they have ever been. This can allow players to hone their skills from a different environment. BatFast is a UK based company that develops simulators to allow more people to gain essential Cricket skills. Their simulators are flexible, portable and of the highest quality. This allows users to get an authentic Cricket experience from wherever they may be. These simulators have been used in cricket development centres as a training aid to the new generation of stars.


One of the most exciting parts of watching Cricket is making predictions that come true. Cricnwin is a startup that allows you to win more than just bragging rights if your predictions are accurate. They offer a platform for Cricket enthusiasts to test their knowledge on quizzes or to test their prediction skills by selecting future outcomes of matches. They provide fantastic health and fitness coupons as prizes. The startup also has a fantastic team element, and there are tournaments that take place across the country.


Many players can find it hard to accurately track scoring. Crikscore is an application that makes it both and fun and easy to gamify the scoring of a Cricket match. Their innovative design makes the experience immersive and entertaining. It adds a new dimension to amateur Cricket games and also has a great leaderboard feature which allows players to compare their performances. 


The next startup on our list is dedicated to finding the next Cricket star. It allows players to be added to a database and allows them to be found from different regions. It has many functions such as registering players and booking grounds for games. It also allows tournaments to be created and matches can be easily tracked. The multiple features of this application provide a cohesive solution to amateur cricketers who want to have a more professional experience.


The final startup on our list is Crictracker which provides revolutionary on the clock coverage of Cricket matches. It provides high-class analysis and the opinions of critics. It also features live standings that update throughout the day. It features highlights of games and is built on excellent journalism from a team of talented writers. They have amassed a strong social media following as a result of their innovative journalism and easy to use website.

These 7 Cricket startups and apps are changing the way that we perceive and play cricket in 2019. They are making the best use of technology to allow everyone to have a more exciting and enjoyable experience with Cricket at all levels. These applications and startups are also helping to spread the game to new audiences.


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