The purpose of VPN in this day and age has evolved from simply being used to connect to the network of your workplace while at home. This network helps in protecting yourself from hackers who snoop on your information while you surf online.

You may be considering using VPN but are unaware of the essential things to look out for in the network that will make the VPN you choose worthwhile. But not to worry. We’ve got you covered. Here are 3 things that make a VPN network the best:

  1.    Good Access

Some VPN networks only provide a single access point to their service while others offer multiple simultaneous connections. The latter is better as you can be able to connect your phone, laptop, and Wi-Fi router.

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In addition to this, you’ll want a network with a lot of exit nodes. Exit nodes are servers existing in a different location from where you are which you can securely connect to. Once you’re connected to an exit node, the information other people will get is that you are using a device that’s on that server regardless of which part of the world it is situated.

You can connect to your VPN server in Germany and appear to be browsing the internet from there yet you are in Africa. The more exit nodes in different locations the network has, the more access you get to geo-blocked internet services.

  1.    Secure Encryption

Encryption is converting data or information into a code with an aim of preventing unauthorized access to it. Encryption protects your sensitive information as you surf the internet. VPN uses encryption. There are different VPN encryption protocol types available and they differ in how they have been created.

It is advisable that you avoid a VPN network which only offers PPTP, the reason being that PPTP has been altered over the years and is not secure. The best VPN is the one that uses IPSec, L2TP, OpenSSH or OpenVPN.

  1.    Ease Of Use And Speed

Speed is one major factor that sets the best VPN apart from all the other regular ones. It can be quite frustrating working with a slow connection more so if your work or internet needs demand higher speeds. Good VPN is one that offers fast, stable access and one that provides you with different options from which you can choose the speed that best suits your needs.

In addition to speed, the ease of use of the VPN is also of great importance. Even without having the technical expertise, you should be able to navigate through the network with no struggle in the least time possible.  


These three things set a VPN network apart from the rest. You need a VPN network that can unblock BBC, US Netflix, ITV Hub, and iPlayer for your entertainment, a network with superfast uploads and perfect streaming quality, a network with apps that are easy to use on all devices, a network with 24/7 live chat support, a network that’s available in countries that are highly censored and with a special API resolution feature.

That’s a VPN that can be crowned as the best. You need to have the best streaming vpn.  

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