Garmin is a multinational company which deals in Global Positioning System (GPS) devices. Some of its best known are GPS 276C, GPS Map 585 Marine GPS, Montana 680 and GPSMAP 527. However, sometimes even the best can have flaws. You may face certain issues while handling your Garmin GPS. So, hereby, we have listed all possible Garmin GPS glitches and their fixes.

Below Are The Most Common Garmin GPS Issues:

  • Worn-out logic board

  • Depleted battery

  • A fault in the power button

  • Lost satellite signals

  • Downloading and uploading issues

  • Sound failure

  • GPS locking up

  • Sudden shut off while using

  • Unresponsive touchscreen

  • Fails to turn on

  • Fails to detect the signals

Such problems can pull you out of your comfort zone and frustrate you out of nowhere. Moreover, the issues like poor display can cause the failure of Garmin Nuvi 1390 and Garmin GPS V. A loose or vibrating battery may cause your Garmin V to keep shutting down during the use. The lack of a line of sight or an error in setting the satellite data may cause your Garmin Sat Nav not to detect the satellite signals when it's powered on.

Nowadays, most of the people choose to install GPS systems in their vehicles, thanks to the advanced GPS navigation technology. But sometimes when you use your GPS unit, you may inevitably come across certain problems. Some of these issues require expert's hand while some of them can be easily resolved by the users themselves.

Here, we present some of the most frequent problems that you may face while using your Garmin GPS unit. Furthermore, you may also contact Garmin Customer service to get instant help and resolve related queries.

Below Are Some Garmin GPS Issues And Fixes:

  1. Garmin GPS fails to turn on

  • Make sure that the key is turned on to ACC or IGNITION position.

  • Make sure that the power cord is connected with the GPS unit.

  • Check the fuse behind the GPS or in the radio system. If it's blown, change it with a fresh one.

  • Check for the battery. If it has a flat battery, replace it or charge it up.

  • Also, check the battery of its remote control. If it is running out, replace it.

  1. There is no sound output

  • Make sure that the wires of both the speakers are connected properly to the GPS as well as to the speakers.

  • Make sure that your device is not muted.

  • Check all the left, right, rear and front speakers by pressing “OSD” on the remote or by adjusting the “Audio” option.

  1. The Touchscreen is not calibrated

  • Go the “Menu” option.

  • Click on “Options”.

  • Select “System”.

  • Finally, choose “Calibration”.

  1. Unresponsive Touchscreen

  • Try calibrating the screen and hold on for few minutes as it may take some time after the calibration for the screen to respond.

  • Still, if there is no response then you must call Garmin GPS Support and ask for immediate assistance.

  1. There is no GPS reception

  • Make sure that the GPS antenna is plugged in properly.

  • Also, this issue may arise due to the possibility of no GPS reception in your area. Contact Garmin Supportin order to resolve this problem.

  1. GPS device is unable to pinpoint the current location

Make sure that you have latest Garmin maps update as older maps do not cover some remote areas.

These were some of the common Garmin GPS V issues with their best possible fixes. We hope that with these basic solutions, you'll be easily be able to get rid of small GPS glitches and get back to your navigation.


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