Did your SD card fail to appear on your Android phone or became incredible? Do you need a safe way to access and restore your secure data from a bad Android SD card? This article will show you how to repair and modify the bad Android card without losing any data.

As we know, an SD card recovery for android has played an important role in saving data and storage space on Android phones, making it a storage device for the most Android users. However, when there is a problem with the Android SD card, there will be a serious data loss problem. Android SD card corruption is a common problem.

If you are one of the issues listed below on your Android memory card, it means that your Android SD card is damaged.

  • The SD card failed to display on the Android phone

  • SD / Memory card gets incredible / unacceptable on the Android phone

  • SD card with protected data displays as 0 bytes on an Android phone

  • SD card cannot read by Android phones and PCs

So when your SD card is damaged on the Android phone, what can you do to return the data and repair the SD card again? Now to resolve this issue without losing data, follow the steps provided below.

Part 1: Remove / Restore data from a damaged Android SD card

To save all stored data on a corrupt SD card recovery for android, we highly recommend that you first remove or restore the data how? Professional SD Card Maintenance Software that can solve this problem. You can easily download and simply install card recovery software - for free data recovery helper on your computer and then to recover the data from the worse Android SD card. Follow the instructions:

First you stop the data files using your lost SD card. The data released by the card will increase the maximum number of data, which makes the data irrecoverable.

Step 1: Connect the SD Card to Computer

Place SD card into a card reader and connect your card reader to a computer with your SD card.

Step 2: Scan the SD Card Recovery with Recovery Software

  • Easily start a database recovery helper on your computer and select your SD card under the external devices.

  • Then click on the scan to find lost data on your SD card

Step 3: Find SD Card Data.

After the scanning procedure, you can showing and find your lost SD card files from the above:

Deleted Files: Enter the files you have deleted there.

Drive X: All lost files can be creating here.

Lost Files Lost: First Check if it is for recovery.

Additional files: Files get the name or path lost.

And you can use scan and search to fast find your files


Step 4: Repair the SD card data.

  • You can check and existing the files found by clicking on each of them.

  • Then click Recovery to protect SD card files stored on your PC or in a safe space on external storage.

Part 2. Restore Damaged Android SD Card with CHKSDK Command

Step 1: Android SD card on your computer.

Step 2: Click on Start and click Command Admin.

Step 3: Sign in as administrator, & type: enter disk part and then hit Enter

Step 4: Type: chides D: / r and Enter hit; (Change your Android SD card's drive letter with D.)

Wait to complete the process and then you can check whether the SD card can open the computer or not. If not, continue with part 3 to re-use the Android SD card.

Part 3. Android SD Card Format in NTFS (Used)

Step 1: Download the Android SD card on your computer.

Step 2: Open the file explorer and find a damage SD card.

Step 3: Right click on it and select the NTFS.

Step 4: Reset the SD card file system to NTFS and click Start to format the card;

Step 5: Wait to complete the formatting process and then click OK to maintain all the changes.

Now you can insert SD card to your Android phone and re-use it again to save important files and personal data.

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