Nasscom Product Council (NPC), a Nasscom's platform for product-based companies, has announced its second batch of the Nasscom DeepTech Club, which is its flagship program for startups in deep technologies.

The DeepTech club involves start-ups working on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), AR/VR, Robotics, NLP and similar technologies.

Launched in October 2017, Nasscom DeepTech is a 3-month mentor-mentee program where the latter typically is a founder who is passionate about working with cutting edge technology, one who is comfortable reading and applying in journal papers in their chosen area, creates new IP and is keen on adopting latest technologies – AI, ML, Robotics, Algorithms, Drone, AR/VR, Speech/Image, Cyptography etc.

The program provides a platform to foster engagements, enterprise, investor & global connects, global expansion and in process, get a lot of visibility to choose customers & markets.

The startups selected were judged on the combination of the several criteria including -- Technical Depth, Business value, Unique/Idea innovation and adoption of solution.

The startups selected will be recognized, nurtured and promoted by NASSCOM via various programs, platforms and events. The Club has three segments: Lab to Market, Pre-Revenue & Post-Revenue.

The 22 Deep Tech startups selected are --

  1. Imaginate Software Labs Pvt Ltd

  2. Constems AI Systems Private Limited

  3. Artivatic Data Labs private Limited

  4. DheeYantra Research Labs

  5. Bitonic Technology Labs Private Limited

  6. SwitchOn/ Abee research labs

  7. Invento robotics

  8. Uber Techlabs Pvt Ltd

  9. QuNu Labs Private Limited

  10. Active Intelligence Pte Ltd

  11. CLAP Research

  12. CogniCor Technologies

  13. Coeo Labs

  14. Scapic

  15. Horus Intellisys Pvt. Ltd.

  16. Clootrack Software Labs Private Limited

  17. Wobot Intelligence Private Limited

  18. Matisoft Cyber Security Labs

  19. Tesseract


  21. Infrrd


The first cohort of the DeepTech Club program had 20+ companies who were mentored and supported by industry leaders. Three of the 1st cohort startups got funded and 3 were accepted by Mass Challenge in Israel. Most importantly, almost all participants saw their value proposition, go-to-market and growth rate improve.

Besides Nasscom DeepTech Club program, to catapult India's deep tech startup ecosystem onto the next level, Nasscom recently has also launched Accelerate 10X, a second phase of Nasscom's 10,000 Startups initiative, which was launched 5 years ago. With Accelerate 10X program Nasscom aims to mentor 100 mature stage startups every year.

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