Yesterday, Nasscom unveiled the 4th batch of its DeepTech Club under which the startups will be nurtured, mentored and funded. The selected 17 startups are working in the field of new-age technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, Machine Learning (ML) and virtual reality (VR).

The startups have been selected for 4-month programme that would involve guidance, enterprise connect sessions and exposure to investors and the global startup ecosystem, the IT industry’s apex body said in a statement. Out of the 17 startups selected, two are from Hyderabad which include Aptagrim and Onward Assist.

Below is the list of all 17 selected deep technology startups, for 4th-Cohort -

  • - An AI-Assisted analytics platform for businesses. Simply interact with data by asking natural language questions on any dashboard and data source. Create, Discover and Share insights.
  • Aptagrim Consulting - A Data Science company leveraging the advancements in Artificial Intelligence to empower people with visual impairment.
  • nTalents (Ehunch Research Labs) - nTalents is an AI enabled talent assessment tool which provides unparalleled accuracy in soft skill and behavioural competency measurements.
  • Evue Technologies - AI Powered Robot Interview and Assessments.
  • Fluid Robotics Fluid Robotics builds smart solutions for monitoring pipelines and underwater infrastructure.
  • Fourtek IT Solutions (Devnagri) - Devnagri is an AI-powered Human translation Platform to help businesses reach 1B + Indian Internet users in their regional languages at scale.
  • Medtra - Medtra innovative technologies is dedicated  in delivering health tech  lifesaving global  products using Embedded- fifth generation technologies.
  • Onward Assist - Onward Assist is an advanced cancer prognostics platform that assists Cancer pathologists and Oncologists. Onward provides computer vision and ML-based automated diagnostics tools and treatment decision support tools used by Histopathologists, Radiologists, Oncologists. These are built in collaboration with leading cancer institutes in India and USA.
  • Pathpartner Technology - Pathpartner offers ready to go hardware and licensable software packages for interior sensing in-cabin solutions to automotive product makers addressing driver drowsiness, driver distraction, occupancy, driver activity, chid/pet left unattended, object left behind and many more safety critical problems.
  • SecurelyShare - Patented technology for data security, data privacy and data enrichment enabling multiple fintech use cases including secure delivery of statements and documents to millions while improving customer experience using personalized AI.
  • SecurelyShare - Sequretek is a cyber security company offering solutions in the area of endpoint security, identity governance and security monitoring through its managed detection and response stack.
  • Simplify360 - Simplify360 is a leading AI powered Digital customer Service organisation.
  • Sixth Sensor Technology - 6th Senser is a revolutionary anti-collision ADAS system that warns and automatically brakes the vehicle in case of a possible accident and is available as an aftermarket product that fits any vehicle at a price point that makes it easily accessible to all users, private or commercial.
  • Stylumia Intelligence Technology - A B2B SaaS platform building the future of retail prediction, eliminating guesswork from product decisions in the fashion and lifestyle industry globally through ML, Computer vision and proprietary prediction models.
  • Exxar - A Cloud platform for Design Communication & Collaboration; Think of it as Zoom for 3D content & Immersive Visualization using VR/AR.
  • Wellthy Therapeutics - Multi-lingual smartphone prescription therapeutic patient application, decision support and intervention ready dashboards for virtual health coaches, physician dashboards and reports, caregiver interfaces, and partner dashboards for population level insights.
  • - ZappyAI provides AI software to automatically identify automation opportunities and generate automations for manual business processes.

So far, the Nasscom DeepTech Club has mentored 78 companies which are the best of the Indian DeepTech product ecosystem curated by Nasscom & Industry Experts and selected at single-digit acceptance rate from 1000+ applications across a dozen cities over the last 2.5 years.

Under Nasscom DeepTech Club - Each selected Start-up companies building on deep technologies such as AI (ML, DL, NLP, CV), AR/VR/MR, IoT, Robotics, Security, Blockchain, Quantum, RPA, among others, undergoes an exclusive 4-month mentoring & connects program.

Nasscom DeepTech Club is working with a large number of technology, product, business, investor and academia mentors & experts spanning 1000s of hours of effort. They represent great diversity of the business application of DeepTech across all business verticals/ sectors. These start-ups are India's best of the best and hold key to India becoming an innovation leader.

Given the high level of curation by Nasscom and Industry Experts, the club encourage all segments of Ecosystem - businesses, investors, academia, tech partners, govt and other ecosystem players to reach out and work with these companies.


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