Paris, France-based OVH, a global, hyper-scale cloud provider, has launched Digital Launch Pad (DLP), an accelerator for Indian startups.

Under the DLP programme, OVH will offer up to €100,000 (~ US$1,15,00) to startups from innovation to market stage, to deploy solutions built on OVH infrastructure along with training and expertise. Launched in 2015, DLP programme of OVH is running globally and has supported 1,500 start-ups in 120 countries.

The accelerator programme will offer upto €1,000 of free credits for use of OVH infrastructure to startups at the ideation stage, two hours of consultation with our solutions architects, online training content and OVH Academy and the opportunity to attend events organized by OVH.

Thereafter, when the startups are ready with the prototype at the build stage, the company will give them up to €10,000 of free credits for use of its cloud infrastructure, six hours of consultation with its solutions architects, online premium training content and OVH Academy and VIP invitations to the company events.

Thereafter, when the startup is ready for its solution to be sold to customers at the market stage, OVH will provide upto €100,000 for use of its infrastructure, customized training programmes online or on-site with technical and sales support by phone or on the website and VIP invitations to the workshops/events by OVH and access to customer case studies.

Last year OVH acquired vCloud Air, which was a cloud offering from VMware, a subsidiary of Dell Technologies, and kick started its operations in the US. In India, the firm has integrated vCloud Air employees into the OVH organisation, increasing the size, expertise and experience of its local team.

Commenting on the launch of DLP, SudheeshSudhakaran, Managing Director, OVH India said, “The Digital Launch Pad initiative is another example of our commitment to our customers, and our focus on helping them grow. We carefully evaluated the Indian market and are providing what our customers need, which is a safe forum to experiment with different projects, coupled with support from OVH’s experts to develop their ideas.”

According to Alain Fiocco, EVP Chief Technology Officer at OVH, "In the last two years, the public cloud services market in India has seen phenomenal growth – reaching $1.8 billion in 2017. By 2020, this figure is expected to reach $4.1 billion. Due to its size and scale, India is very well-placed to take advantage of the data revolution and we want to help Indian businesses to develop new ideas through a smart cloud."

Founded in 1999, today OVH maintains 28 data centres in 12 locations across four continents. OVH deploys its own global fibre optic network and manages the entire supply chain for web hosting, making it easier for companies of all sizes to access the cloud.

Source - BusinessLine

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