Hyderabad-based E-trio Automobiles, startup focussing on the emerging electric vehicles space, is India's first company to have successfully got approval from Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI), the apex Industry body representing leading vehicle and vehicular engine manufacturers in India and run under Ministry of Industries, Government Of India.

E-Trio has received ARAI approval for retrofitted car kits in Alto and Wagon R, which will allow the startup to convert these models of car into all-electric ones. Retrofitting refers to the addition of new technology or features to older systems. In this case, a "Retrofitted Car" means electric vehicle (EV) conversion in which the car's combustion engine (Petrol/Diesel based) and connected components are replaced with an electric motor and batteries, to create an all-electric vehicle.

Electric Maruti Suzuki Alto and Wagon R developed by E-Trio, and for which the startup has got the ARAI approval, gets an electric motor that does not require any gear and can travel up to 150 Km on a single charge. It also claims higher safety standards and these electric cars can be charged anytime and anywhere and will be low on maintenance than a traditional petrol-powered car.

Beside Alto and Wagon R, which are small hatchbacks, the startup is in process to get kit approvals for other fast moving models in India. They are currently in discussions with some leading car manufacturing companies from Japan and Thailand.

Further, in order to maximize the EV penetration in India, the startup is also working with an R&D team from San Francisco for the faster and more effective role out of its retrofitted electric kits for electric cars.

E-Trio plans to enter the Indian market with a capacity of 1000 cars per month to be fitted with an electric motor and battery kit. These retrofitted electric kits have been sourced from China and Korea while the Controller is built by the startup in-house. The company has been testing cars for the past two years and their immediate goal is to roll out at least 5000 cars in the next year.

Sathya Yalamanchili, founder of E-Trio, said, “Retrofitting is the way to go and need of the hour and these smart cars currently are the most efficient and economical cars compared to our counterparts in the market. Our vision is to create e-Mobility which inspires & nurtures pollution free India. We believe that affordable range is the key to helping electro mobility achieve a breakthrough in the near future.”

Source - Economic Times, Financial Express, E-Trio.in



Anonymous said…
I want to convert my car to ecar
Sathiesh Chandar said…
Cost of conversion for Maruti 800 car?
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