Chennai-based shared workspace company for women, WSquare, has established first ever incubation center for women entrepreneurs in India's Silicon Valley Bengaluru, to help young women entrepreneurs network, provide mentorship, help them brand and ideate their startups.

The launch of WSquare was announced at sidelines of 'Digital Influencers Conclave for women' held in Bangalore, where about 100 women participated including Smitha Hemmigae, head of marketing of ThoughtWorks India, BigBasket HR head Hari T.N, Head of JobsforHer Foundation Neeraja Ganesh, Urbanladder's Director of customer experience Nandhini Vishwanath, stand-up comedian Rajesh Hinduja and WomensWeb founder Aparna Vedapuri.

Besides WSquare, Hyderabad'd T-Hub had also launched women-exclusive incubator called 'WE Hub' in March this year on Women's Day.

In December last year, Rajasthan state government had also launched startup incubator for women in the state in addition to special fund announced for women-led startups.

In October last year, Women Bio-tech Incubator was launched in Chennai, which is supported by Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC) and the Centre's department of biotechnology.

About WSquare, it is itself a women-led facilities startup founded, by Vandhana Ramanathan and Jinal Patel in 2017, in order to provides a Working Desk for Women who are looking for an alternative to work from home or to just work independently.

[caption id="attachment_127061" align="aligncenter" width="750"] WSquare Co-working Centre in [/caption]

In March 2017, the duo bootstrapped and launched Wsquare, a women-only co-working space in Chennai that helps entrepreneurs and professionals focus on their work without having to worry too much about office-related or domestic chores.

It is one of a kind shared workspace ecosystem for women entrepreneurs that offers affordable yet professional and women friendly workspace. It also facilitate women consultants, budding architects, lawyers, chartered accountants, fashion designers, musicians and freelancers.

WSquare has its shared workspace center in Chennai and now in Bengaluru. It also plans to launch in Mumbai and Hyderabad soon. The price ranges from Rs. 500 to Rs. 12,000 for daily, monthly and flexi pass based to rental models.

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