For years, there has been no real competitor that can beat MacBook at its excellent performance. A stylish marvel offered by Apple, MacBook is one of the most coveted products that has won the hearts of tech enthusiasts across the globe. Be it a college-goer or a professional cinematographer, MacBook is always the best choice for the go-getters. The price tag may make one feel hesitant to go for it, but when it comes to its value for money, believe it or not, MacBook is worth every penny.

In case there is still a doubt lingering in your mind, here are some of the reasons which make MacBook a product which is worth the fortune you spend on it.

Strong Built and Star Performance

No one can deny the fact that the performance of MacBook is superior and is best for the people who are always on the go. Equipped with seventh-generation Intel Core m3, i5 and i7 processors, the new MacBook becomes an instant partner who can perform daily tasks with speed higher than before.

Not just this, but its strong and compact design is another added advantage for people who never work at one place. The latest MacBook boasts of being one of the thinnest Apple notebooks measuring just 13.1mm. Its weight is also only 907g. So, one can easily carry in it in their backpack and get ready to deliver the best work even while travelling.


People who are constantly travelling often don’t get much time to focus on the security of their system. This is where MacBook becomes the perfect companion. It has some of the best security and privacy features that protect the data from Internet-based attacks. Be it the Gatekeeper which keeps a tab on safer downloads from the web or Apple File System that uses strong built-in encryption and crash-safe protections to secure the data, MacBook is ready to cope with any security issues.


Another crucial one in the list; the outstanding battery life of MacBook can run for long hours without any hassle. The new MacBook comes with an innovative terraced battery cell which has 35 per cent more capacity than what the standard PCs can afford. Thus, it turns out to be a great saviour for the people who do not have a desk job and finding a charging point is not a cakewalk for them.

Seamless Integration

If a person uses all Apple products like iPhone and iPad, adding MacBook to their Apple collection is a wise choice. This new generation product offers seamless integration across various programs and apps across all Apple devices. This enhances the speed and fluidity of its performance; thus, bringing excellence to the overall customer experience.

Premium Customer Support

Though this one is not associated with the product, excellent customer support can be a game changer when it comes to the reasons why MacBook is more value for money. Unlike other brands in the market, Apple understands that customer service is a crucial area that enhances customers’ experience. This is the reason that it has various premium partners like Unicorn that have stores across the country. Whether one is searching for an Apple store in Gurgaon or Chandigarh, they can easily locate the store whenever they face any trouble.

If you are also planning to buy MacBook, visit the nearest Apple store in Gurgaon or Mumbai as per your location to get the hands-on experience before making the final decision. We bet that once you use it, you will instantly fall in love with its smooth and swift performance.

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