Of the top social media platforms, Facebook seems to have connection with many marketers out there. If you are starting out, you want to know the magical recipe that will turn your small business Facebook page into an overnight success. Unfortunately, there’s no such formula. To succeed from the onset, you need to know the mistakes you should avoid in your quest to make your Facebook page work for your startup. If you know the kind of mistakes to avoid and when to refurbish your strategy, you will go on to create a page that will work for you and your brand.

Avoid the Generic Approach

Facebook will give you the exposure you so need to remain visible. However, broadcasting your business haphazardly may not end up well. As a startup, you need to concentrate on the things that matter. The best approach to start with is to build a fan base and enjoining your startup to a community. Many small business owners will rush head on to check their Facebook share link or to broadcast their business to a vague audience.

It’s good to note that Facebook will work well if you are genuine. Your target customers will associate with your brand because you took time to tell them who you are. If you take time to join a community and support their interests, they are likely to respond positively. Blasting your products on social media to followers who barely know you can end up in vain. If your prospects realize that you are doing your best to cater and fulfill their needs, they will repay with all the attention you need.

Don’t Display Inconsistent Company Culture

In the rush to leverage the power of Facebook, many startups forget that they need to keep their image relevant to the business goals and mission. Many people in the startup phase will forget to align their appearance on their page with the vision of their venture. Your Facebook page is part of your company and it needs to show the same “personality” as your company at large.

You need to show your audience that you are who you say you are when interacting with them. This doesn’t mean you cannot be casual in some pages, but you shouldn’t forget the core mission and the image you want to cut. If your prospects feel you are a bit too carefree about your venture, they might not feel convinced to interact with you.

Avoid the Comfort Zone

Whereas Facebook comes with immense growth potential for your startup, you need to stop sitting on your laurels. This is one of the most competitive platforms and you cannot afford to stay in your comfort zone. Don’t stay stuck with one type of content. You cannot beat your competitors, if your strategies are on auto pilot mode. There are new Facebook trends cropping up now and then. You cannot afford to be left behind. If you are not ambitious with new trends, you risk losing out to a competitor who is trying out every new tactics to draw traffic to the site.

Never Write Off Facebook Ads

Whereas your Facebook content will go viral and boost your organic reach, you cannot afford to write off Facebook ads. Startups have a tendency to steer clear when it comes to paying for Facebook promotion. A good number will create a page and advertise free. What you need to know is that such a reach can only go so far. You are likely to get to the limited number that was searching for your brand on Facebook

By paying for a Facebook ad, you will expand your reach with Facebook ads. The platform has a pay to platform that lets you get to more prospects and establish yourself on a new pedestal. With the paid option, it’s easy to narrow down to your targets based on their lifestyle, interests and purchasing habits.

Some startups have in the past managed to break past the noise by opting for Facebook ads. It’s possible even if you have a tight budget. The biggest mistake you will make is to think that your regular Facebook page will work. You need to try out ads and see what they can do for your marketing endeavor.

Kick Out the Unapproachable Attitude

Your target audience loves to interact with brands on a personal level. Everybody loves approval, the chance to express opinions and respective reaffirmations. When you create your Facebook page, don’t push off your customers assuming they will convert magically. You need to respond to their pains and offer value. If you incentivize with contests and give away, the better.

You need to avoid the mistake of keeping aloof and instead provide them with opportunities to talk to you. Personal interactions will lead to trust and customer loyalty. Remember, you need to be ambitious when it comes to testing Facebook ads. You want to be sure that you are blowing money on an ad that will have a positive impact.

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