A group of high school female makers built an anonymous social network called Trill, that allows users to safely express themselves in a supportive environment, while building tight knit communities. The name 'Trill' came from a combination of the words True and Real, which both describe the type of content the Trill team aspire to have on Trill.

After discovering that approximately one half of transgender teens attempt suicide, five high school girls set off to create a safe and supportive virtual community for teens in January 2018.

Trill Project was built by five high school girls -- Ari, Izzy, Georgia, Sara and Alexandra, who wanted to launch an application with a widespread positive influence around the world, that would make a serious impact on people's lives. The Trill's team then raised a small seed round to bring Trill to the world.

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Curated, moderated, and private, the Trill Project is an app, currently available for iOS users only, that fosters high-quality communities built upon support rather than judgment. According to the Trill, users are confident in their safety and benefit from hearing others from around the globe share and relate to their honest thoughts.

To date, Trill is now a supportive anonymous community of over 13,000 people. While anonymous-based apps are incredibly difficult to moderate, they’ve found early success in countries with restrictive speech or cultures and within the worldwide LGBTQ+ community, who often can’t safely discuss their sexuality.

Moreover, unlike angry rants on Twitter, Trill claims to prevent hate, bullying, prejudice and unkind comments on its community platform by having community moderators, who flag posts that don’t uphold its community safety standards. These moderators are also training Trill's own machine learning algorithm, which the team will implement on Trill once they have enough data from flagged comments.

As a mobile app, Trill is currently available for iOS users only and non-iOS users can submit their anonymous messages at its website here.

Users, on Trill, can post text, questions, images, or links, in addition to commenting on others’ posts.

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