In today’s world, there are many traders using trade bots to carry out their automated trades. It is, however, becoming difficult because of the numerous crypto platforms or software programs in the market and traders do not know which ones to trust and which ones to avoid. Crypto trading is the exchange of cryptocurrencies. Apart from HB Swiss, there are many other software programs that will help you generate profits in crypto trading.

Here are 5 software programs that are good for crypto trading:

  1. Tradewave

It functions as a platform which enables the traders to come up with automatic strategies for crypto trading. It connects to the largest currency exchanges in the world while giving the users a chance to carry out successful crypto trading amongst each other. However, its limitation is that it’s not a free platform as it comes with a pricing of about $14 USD on a monthly basis. The user has to pay a monthly fee to use it.

  1. Zenbot

This is a software program that can be modified by the user thus giving the traders the ability to download and edit codes by themselves. It can support the trading of multiple cryptocurrencies at the same time thus making it one of the only sovereign trading solutions worldwide. Its current version is Zenbot 3.5 and it is supported by major cryptocurrency exchanges such as Bittrex, Gemini, and Kraken.Zenbot bitcoin trading bot can be downloaded and installed on major operating systems such as Linux.

  1. Cryptotrader

It supports most of the cryptocurrency exchanges including Bitfinex, Coinbase, and Kraken. It has a unique feature called the strategy market which allows the traders to buy and sell successful trading strategies. It is not a must for the crypto trader software to be installed on computers and therefore can be modified by the trader. This means it is cloud-based. Backtesting is another feature of the crypto trader that allows the users to test their trading strategies against different market conditions.

  1. Gekko

This is open-source software which is programmable, thus allowing the traders to define their different investment strategies on their own. It is easy to use and can run on all operating systems which include Linux, Windows, and MacOs. However, it does not perform computer-assisted trades although it’s being improved. Gekko software is efficient because it can update you on your trade through emails and other platforms.

  1. BTC Robot

This software is simple to set up or install and user-friendly. For those traders who understand how the BTC Robot trading bot operates, they are getting great profits from their crypto trading. For those who don’t, they are incurring great losses in their trade. It can be downloaded at different prices on some major operating systems such as windows. The traders who use windows usually are given a membership package plan that costs $151 or less. It is called the silver software but those that use Mac pay a higher fee than the window users.

There are many crypto trading software programs in the market and traders should ensure the bots they purchase are trustworthy. As a trader, you can gain large volumes of profits if only you choose well. If you don’t do this, you will be putting your accounts and capital at risk and end up broke.


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