A spark plug is a mechanical component that fits into the cylinder head of combustion of an engine in car. It ignites compressed fuel by the means of an electric spark. It has an insulated electrode which is further connected through an insulated wire to an ignition coil. Its duty is to ignite a mixture of air and fuel. The spark plug working parts are responsible for transmitting electrical energy which puts the gap in firing end of the plugin case enough voltage is supplied. It ignites the spark in order to remove heat from the combustion chamber. These cannot create heat and has the ability to remove it only. The spark plug voltage towards the firing end of the plug needs to be kept low to ignore pre-ignition but should be high enough in order to prevent fouling.

Moreover, it works as a heat exchanger by drawing undesirable thermal energy from the chamber and transferring this heat to the cooling system.

How often should it be replaced?

The spark plug does not require replacement quite often and can go years and miles before coming into the condition of replacement. Most of the car manufacturers suggest for a new spark plug should be installed every time the meter clears 40 thousand kilometers; however, things mostly depend on the condition you drive in and type of plug you are using. Usually, copper plugs have short lives and the parts made from advanced and durable materials can have four times than the life of copper plugs.

What happens when it goes old?

The time when the spark plug reaches old age, they have already witnessed thousands of kilometers along with the enduring abuse in extreme conditions in order to stay intact. This is the time where the importance of good materials plays its part. The stronger and durable the material, the longer will be the life of spark plug. Like any other part, spark plug goes through wear and tear.

Majorly because of these two reasons, they can't last forever:

Expands and harder to jump the gap: When it ignites, it is required to travel through a spark plug gap of space to offer the right combustion at the right time. As it gets older, the gap gets widen as a result of temperature or wear and tear. If the gap is too much, the combustion will be ineffective.

Find OEM quality aftermarket spark plug parts in India

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