There are a myriad of factors that may behoove an institution to relocate its data center. For instance, the need to streamline and consolidate all data center operations could demand a swift data center relocation (DCR). However, shifting your data center involves more than just disconnecting your servers and plugging them back in at a new location. It’s an intricately complex endeavor that requires to be handled by well-trained experts.

It’s important to plan every single detail from commencement to completion before setting the ball rolling. Failing at any single step could potentially jeopardize the whole operation or worse still, cause your valuable data to be lost.

Here are 5 tips to planning a successful data center relocation:

  • Plan before execution

    It’s quite easy to underestimate just how complicated DCR projects really are. Normally, very insufficient time is allocated to data center relocation projects. This, coupled by the company’s budget constraints, causes most managers to overlook the important element of prior planning. Always put into account any overhead costs that result from relocating your data center – this will guarantee a smooth transition. If you’re looking for an effective data center relocation solution, have a look at

  • Come up with a relocation timeframe

    Some scenarios will oblige you to shift the data center at once. In other instances, the entire relocation will need to be handled over a significant period of time. The former option ensures that the disturbed service resumes as quickly as possible while the latter lowers the risks brought about by intermittent service interruptions. Understand the particular requirements of your company before planning your data center relocation. In addition, get a logistics expert who can work during odd hours.

  • Invest in high quality documentation

    Part of your data center relocation plan should involve coming up with all the necessary documentation required for the project. Some of the documents you’ll need to successfully transfer data operations include: Design Plans, Desired Future State documents, Execution Plans and Present Method of Operation (PMO) documents. Ensure that you have professionals who can take care of such nitty gritty issues on your behalf.

  • Maintain tight security during the relocation process

    All DCR operations entail transporting top secret data from one location to another. Data integrity should be maintained throughout the entire relocation process. It’s crucial to implement the necessary measures to avoid data hacking and manipulation. Every single move should be accompanied by succinct Chain of Custody logistics to minimize data compromise.

  • Have a sound contingency plan

    If something goes wrong during the data center relocation process – like a truck breaking down or your driver falling sick – it’s important to have a good fallback plan. After all, you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket. Work hand-in-hand with a partner you trust. Your relocation partner will help you come up with an effective contingency plan that clearly highlights what occurs in case delays occur. Chances are, your DCR success rate will increase dramatically if you have a contingency plan in place.


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