Who wants to plan for retirement in their 20s? After all, you just started living the life of your dreams. Finally, the money is flowing in; your parents are sitting back and relaxing rather than haggling with you about your expenses. You will think of retirement once the dust of excitement settles down.

If you can relate to these thoughts, perhaps you are assuming retirement to be the end of all excitements of life.

In reality, it's only up to you. You can decide if you want the excitement and vigour to continue even after retirement. All you need is to sit down and list some exciting things you can do after retirement.

Five exciting ideas for your retirement:

  1. Owning a Yacht

You can just decide to buy a yacht and live the cruising lifestyle, with the freedom to move wherever you want, whenever you want, and basically “take your home” along with you. There can be no better view to enjoy your morning coffee on the deck of your yacht.

And if you don’t feel like cruising, you can simply choose to dock in numerous marinas across the country and live out your life in a paradise of your choice.

  1. Playing Golf at A Prestigious Golf Club

After retirement you don’t have to worry about what to do with your time—you can choose to remain busy playing, practicing, and reliving at a lush green golf club. One of the nicest perks of playing golf during retirement is it gives you a chance to combine travel. Many vacation spots these days have condos and resorts available for retired people to combine their passions for vacation and golf. Golf can also prove great for you in terms of remaining fit and healthy.

  1. Starting a Business

If you have an idea for a business -- retirement can be the time to test it out. Starting your business is one of the best ways to get the most out of retirement. This most likely sounds somewhat counter-intuitive. After all, isn't the general purpose of “retiring” to quit working? Not really!

Starting a business around one of your hobbies can help you to remain socially connected and give you a sense of purpose. Moreover, there is nothing better than making some extra pennies along the way, right?

  1. Going on a Long Memorable Trip

You can romanticize your retirement as the long-anticipated vacation that never ends. Think of how the novelty of travelling will provide a respite from your routine — whether it’s a long memorable trip abroad, a visit to your relatives or friends out-of-town, a stay at a wellness or beach resort, or a fishing or camping trip. You can also visit other cities or states and scope out places to relocate or move seasonally.

  1. Buying a House at a Hill station/Seaside

You can just leave behind the fast-paced city life to live at a quiet hill station or a seaside villa. Buying a second home can become one of the best investment options for you. Apart from being the best way for your money to grow, your home can also give you other benefits like adding a source of income through rent and increasing your asset value.

But be Prepared!

You can very well purchase a new home or start a business or go on a vacation in your retirement, but only if you have your income secured for the golden years. If you expect this security, it is essential that you have a financial plan in place.

So, in case you want to make your retirement more exciting, setting up best retirement plans is a great idea. And on the investment and protection front, ULIP plan may serve the purpose well.

ULIP plans will give you the option to move your money between equity and debt funds and allow you to withdraw a part of your money whenever you need it. Since ULIP plans are market-linked, they provide you great returns over the long run (by digesting the market fluctuations). Also, you can enjoy tax benefits on the premium as well as on the returns received at the end of the policy term.


Best retirement plans coupled with a healthy mind and a fit body will help you look forward to a happy retirement phase. So, get in charge of your retired life and add value to it instead of just allowing life to drift by.

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