This isn't a generalization, but a sad truth of the society. Whenever a society, irrespective of where it is from, talks about women, majority of them prefer using adjectives like beautiful, pretty, sexy etc. to describe them while very conveniently skipping words like smart, strong or powerful etc. But, there are several women out there who are working every second to break this very image of women that the society is forcefully trying to project on them. Forbes annual list of world's 100 most powerful women is an effort towards recognizing those women and encourage them to keeping doing what they're doing.

Forbes determines the rankings on the basis of four main metrics: money, impact spheres of influence and media. The women appearing on the 2015 list are broadly from eight categories - politics, technology, business, billionaires, entertainment,finance, media and philanthropy.

Here in this article, we talk about the ten most powerful women that there are in the world right now.

1) Angela Merkel -


Retaining her numero uno position for five consecutive years now, Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel is the most powerful woman of the year 2015. Merkel has had a major contribution in helping Germany put up a good fight against one of the country's worst economic recession ever by taking several important measures. In the year 2014, she was bestowed upon the honour of being the longest-serving elected European Union head of state after she won a third four-year term.

2) Hillary Clinton -


A name which probably doesn't need much introduction given the recent scenario, but for the sake of it, I would still mention some of her biggest achievements and her stepping stones of success. Clinton has donned several hats in United States (US) politics- secretary of state, senator, first lady. Now, the 67-years old Yale Law School graduate is trying for the second time to fulfil her life-long dream of becoming a US President. She recently became the first female nominee for a major US political party. If Clinton does become the US president, Angela Merkel, in all probability, will have to say bye-bye to her five year first position title.

3) Melinda Gates -


One of the biggest names in the world of philanthropy, Melinda has reportedly given away a whopping $3.9 billion in the year 2014 and another $33 billion or more since the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation went live in the year 2000. Being the Cochair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Melinda pays important attention on investments being made by the women of the world around the world.

4) Janet Yellen -


A second position holder in the 2014 list, Yellen slipped to the fourth spot in the latest list. The 68-years old is the Chair of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, United States and holds the laurel of being the first female head of the Federal Reserve. She is famous for being a hard worker and making her work speak for herself rather than the other way around. She is hugely acknowledged for helping in putting the Fed back on the right track.

5) Mary Barra -


Known for her drive and strength, this 53-years old is the CEO of General Motors. Initially, she did face difficult times being the head of the company, but handled it quite well due to her continuous hard work, dedication and sound business wit. It is due to this very reason that Barra made a jump from seventh position in the 2014 list to fifth place in the 2015 list.

6) Christine Lagarde -


At 49, Lagarde is the Managing Director of International Monetary Fund (IMF). She is currently serving the last year of her term as the head of the IMF, an organisation that looks after 188 countries. Maybe, this is the reason that she slipped from the fifth position in the year 2014 to sixth position in the latest year.

7) Dilma Rousseff-


The President of Brazil has had seen a major fall in her position on the latest list. Having started with a mission of making Brazil a poverty free country, she was hit by a number of scandals which had a major impact on her popularity and credibility, and made her take a deep dive to seventh position from the third position in 2014.

8) Sheryl Sandberg -


A majority of us might be familiar with her. Being the COO of Facebook, she often makes appearances in Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook timeline. An ex-Goggle executive, Sheryl has made a major contribution in helping Facebook scale new mountains everyday. She had an important role in bringing digital revenue to Facebook. Further, she is a published writer with her book, "Lean In."

9) Susan Wojcicki -


At 46-years of age, Wojcicki is the CEO of Google acquired YouTube. After having played a crucial role in helping the tech giant acquire YouTube in the year 2006, she was finally bestowed upon the duty of heading the company in the year 2014.

10) Michelle Obama -


Her identity isn't just limited to being the first lady of United States. Over the years that her husband Barack Obama has been in the White House, Michelle has been actively involved in bringing light the importance issues like obesity, equality and girl education have in our 21st century through a number of initiatives. Her one of the recent initiatives is Let Girls Learn initiative focused towards education for girls. The initiative has gained much popularity all over the world.

More power to you, you strong, intelligent and smart 21st century women.

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