Making her first appearance in India, ‘Sophia’, the world's first robot citizen of any country, graced the Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay’s (IIT-B) annual Techfest with her presence on Saturday.

Wearing a Sari, she greeted the audience with a Namaste and spoke about future of humans and machines.

Sophia humanoid in India

Surprisingly, one of the audience member even asked the female humanoid if she would marry him to which she replied, “I will politely decline the proposal. Thank you for the compliment though.” To recall, just a couple of months back however, Sophia, in her first media interview told that she wants to start a family and even wants to have a baby.

Discussing the future of AI, she said humans should not see them as competition but work in collaboration with machines.

Sophia humanoid in India

Talking about those who see robots as a “threat”, she said: "It is science which created me, but philosophy will take me forward".

In an audience of more than 3,000 people, one of the onlooker asked about how many languages she speaks to which she replied with a frown expression, “I am just two years old, so till now I only know English and Chinese; but in some years I will be able to speak all languages.”

In her first visit to "Digital India" and that's too at prestigious IIT of Mumbai, Sophia -- who is after all a robot -- malfunctioned for 10 minutes because of a weak Internet connection on the part of the institute. IIT-B managers blamed the Internet issue on the lack of a proper connection.

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