Identity theft is something that can happen to anyone at anytime. That is why it is important to keep your information safe and in a spot where you can find it when you need it. Social security cards, passports, identification cards, and birth certificates are all necessary items that you should keep in a safe so that you have these documents when you need them. While storing these documents seems like an easy task, these things have a tendency to become lost in the shuffle. This article will highlight some tips that will help you keep your information safe when applying for a social security card replacement online.

  • Make sure that you have a secure connection. When applying for a social security card online, the first thing that you want to check is that the website you are visiting has a secure connection. The easiest way to tell this is by checking for the “https” in the search engine bar. If the website begins with an “https” then that means that the website is secure. If the website begins with an “http” it is best to avoid supplying any important information on to the website as it is not secure. This means that a potential hacker could steal your information.

  • Keep your documents locked up. When you are not using your documents, be sure to keep them locked up and in a secure place in your home. One of the ways that you can keep your documents safe is by keeping them in a safe or in a spot in your home that is not easy to access by intruders.

  • Do not give out your information to just anyone. Before you apply for a social security card online, make sure that you are doing so through a reputable website. Many websites can look secure and like a legit government website but they may actually just be a facade. To avoid giving your personal information to those who do not need it, be sure to go to a website that has pertinent government information about security card administration.

  • Keep printouts of your transactions. When you apply for a social security card online, make sure to keep copies of all transactions that you make. The reason for this is that you can use the documentation should you need to contact the social security administration office in person.

  • Avoid using a public computer to apply for a social security card online. Sometimes this cannot be avoided, but whenever possible, try to avoid using a public computer. Public computers are used by anyone and even if you don’t think that your personal information had been saved on the computer, you cannot be for sure. When applying for sensitive, personal documents such as a passport or a social security card, be sure to do so on a private computer.


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