In what could be considered as a perfect example of the greatness that can be achieved if both India and China come together and join hands more often, Bengaluru-based robotics start-up Invento Robotics has collaborated with manufacturing hubs in China to give birth to an intelligent robot called Mitra.

A 4.5 feet tall humanoid, Mitra has been designed by Invento to interact with humans through natural ways - voice and vision. It recognizes speech and then converts that into actionable information, which is then run through the startup’s algorithms to both respond to that query through past learning. This is then conveyed through speech output.

No, we’re not just talking about an idea in thin air. Mitra’s first prototype is actually currently functioning at Canara Bank’s headquarters in Bengaluru. Though at 30 kg, the robot is quite bulky, the robot is working quite efficiently as a receptionist at the bank and giving tours of the bank’s “experience zone” to customers.

When Invento Robotics started developing Mitra, they had an idea, they had the skills to design and come up with a working prototype, but what they lacked was the ability to manufacture it on a scale. That’s when they decided to jump on a flight and head to China’s manufacturing hubs of Shenzhen and Dongguan where they finally found suppliers who can fulfill what they were looking for.

Balaji Viswanathan, one of the founders of Invento Robotics, told Hindustan Times, “The computer-aided designing has been done in India, its plastic mould is being made in a factory in Dongguan and the printed circuit boards and motor controls are being manufactured in Shenzhen (both cities in south China).”

Talking about what made them choose China as their manufacturing hub, Viswanathan said, “The quality of assemblage is good and so is the speed of delivery (of products) in China.”

According to media reports, four Mitra prototypes, moulded in a Dongguan factory with circuit boards from Shenzhen, are currently on their way to India. If they prove to be successful, hundreds more robots could be headed our way.

Yesterday, the Dalian government signed a first of its kind MoU with Nasscom, the Indian National Association of Software and Services Companies, which entails Dalian government helping Indian IT companies setting up units there. The MoU aims to take forward the long-heralded coming together of Chinese hardware and Indian software that has been generally slow to crystallise.

Mitra is just one example of what’s more to come our way if India and China continue on this journey together.

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