West Indian cricketer Chris Gayle is known for his on field philosophy of either going big or going home. Well, it seems, the cricketer is now following the philosophy off field, too. The opening batsman has recently picked up a stake in Bengaluru-based augmented reality venture FlippAR.

FlippAR has been providing Augmented Reality development services for over 2 years and developing mobile applications for over 3 years now. The startup helps companies provide better customer experience because of its experience with customer service and technology integration. It develops Augmented Reality applications that adds a huge value to its users, by being able to make better purchase decisions and be able to present interactive information.

"The West Indian great Chris Gayle has picked up a minority stake in our venture.. Gayle will be endorsing the brand and initiate campaigns across the world," said FlippAR Founder Vivek Jain in a statement to the PTI.

Jain further revealed that the investment agreement was signed four days ago with the help of Dinanath Ramnarine, who is considered to be Gayle’s close aid. The terms and modalities of the agreement are still being worked out. "Ramnarine was the man who backed Gayle in his standoff with the West Indies Cricket Board. He is one of the most respected cricket administrators in West Indies,” he added.

FlippAR had earlier raised Rs five lakh fund under a scheme initiated by Karnataka government this March. According to Jain, the startup has plans to raise more funds from private investors as it is looking to expand its business in near future.

Earlier this year, Chris Gayle had invested an undisclosed amount in another Bengaluru-based startup called IONA Entertainment, a gaming startup that brings one-stop entertainment to Indian sports fans, which includes state-of-the-art virtual gaming. In addition to the startup world, Gayle has also been investing his money in various other business ventures including restaurants and real estate trade.

This development was first reported in MoneyControl.

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