Recognising the important role startups play in the progress of their birth state, the Karnataka State Government recently set out on a mission to search 100 most innovative startups bubbling in the state and provide them with monetary help to make it big. 

On Wednesday, the state government finally announced the list of the selected 100 startups for its ELEVATE 100 programme. Coming together at Hotel Lalit Ashok, Bengaluru, the panel of selectors chose the final 100 from a pool of 270 startups by following a rigorous four-layered selection process. However, overall the contest saw more than 1700 startups sending in their entries from all across Karnataka, although a majority of the participation came from the city of Bengaluru.

What's encouraging to note is the fact that the contest also saw an enthusiastic participation from women entrepreneurs and rural areas applicants, with 350 and 400 entries respectively.

Karnataka government's ELEVATE 100 roadshow aims to search through the length and breadth of Karnataka to bring to fore 100 most innovative startups in the state and help them in turning their ideas into successful business ventures.

Of the selected 100 startups this time, 27 belong to electronic semiconductor design domain, 19 are from life sciences, 26 are from IT/ITES, there are 11 each from biotech, agri tech and four each from animation and gaming, and clean tech. The final selected lot also has 19 startups which have women entrepreneurs and 11 startups come from rural areas.

In a press release, the IT department revealed that the ELEVATE 100 programme selected startups will be treated with easy access to government’s start-up fund besides having a direct access to almost all government VC funds, private VC funds, pilots, world class accelerators and mentors.

In order to help it with the programme, the Karnataka state government has also joined hands with eight private firms. For instance, Google has been brought on board to provide $3000 worth cloud credits for Startup Cell registered startups and $20,000 worth of credits for Elevate100 winners. Further, YES Bank & Kotak Bank have agreed to provide banking and other services, while PwC will provide be mentoring and consulting services, among other firms.

Talking about the initiative, Information Technology & Tourism Minister Priyank Kharge said: “The efforts of the Karnataka government doesn't stop at elevating the chosen 100. We see ELEVATE 100 as a continuing process where the best ideas from the state gets the support and guidance it deserves.”

The selected startups are:

1. Elevate 100 winners
2. 5w ventures pvt. Ltd
3. Aadyah aerospace pvt ltd
4. Afterglow tech(opc) private limited
5. Aissel technologies private limited
6. Ameliorate biotech private limited
7. Amvicube
8. Anb fuels
9. Anekastra software technologies
10. Aptener mechatronics private limited
11. Arksa research labs
12. Atrimed bio-tech llp
13. Audicor cardiometrics pvt. Ltd.
14. Bellatrix aerospace private limited
15. Bigsolv advanced labs private limited
16. Biodesign innovation labs private limited
17. Bio-lutions eco tech india private limited
18. Bitgram technologies pvt. Ltd.
19. Brainybatch technologies private limited
20. Breathe applied sciences pvt. Ltd.
21. Caltech innovations private limited
22. Cardiac design labs private limited
23. Chigru innovations opc
24. Chronosphere technologies pvt. Ltd.
25. Clean bill of health private limited
26. Coeo labs
27. Cyclops medtech pvt ltd
28. Dataglen technologies private limited
29. Denovo biolabs pvt. Ltd.
30. Diponed bio pvt ltd
31. Eflight (ghagan aviation pvt ltd)
32. Ethnus technologies
33. Eventosaur
34. Exceltech
35. Fyle
36. Geek labs
37. Gingermind technologies pvt ltd
38. Graphene
39. Green robot machinery private limited
40. Happy reliable surgeries pvt. Ltd.(Opc)
41. Havstruck solutions pvt ltd
42. Hublin enterprises
43. I-byk
44. Innodi water treatment technologies pvt. Ltd.
45. Innov4sight health and biomedical systems private limited
46. Intellicar telematics pvt ltd.
47. Iosynth labs private limited
48. Jankaar initiatives
49. Jk nanosolutions
50. Jouska tech private limited
51. Lab4life bioresearch pvt ltd
52. M/s nirnal water filter
53. Maantrika studios
54. Magveh energy recovery systems pvt. Ltd.
55. Meladath auto components private limited
56. Mendonca medical biotech
57. Mother diagnostic systems private limited
58. Mygram connect private limited
59. Native puppets animation studio
60. Nayagaadi
61. Nexus 3d
62. Niramai health analytix
63. Nopo nanotechnologies india private limited
64. Nymble labs
65. Olivewear pvt. Ltd.
66. Openwater.In pvt ltd
67. Oust labs india pvt. Ltd.
68. Parkingrhino online services pvt. Ltd.
69. Pathshodh healthcare pvt ltd
70. Personal air quality systems pvt ltd
71. Perspectiv labs private limited
72. Project mudra (thinkerbell labs pvt ltd)
73. Quick logi technologies
74. Qunu labs pvt. Ltd.
75. R2 pro pvt. Ltd.
76. Rdl technologies pvt ltd
77. Retisense tech india private limited
78. Sascan meditech pvt ltd
79. Scalend technologies
80. Scapic
81. Scintilla bio-marc pvt. Ltd.
82. Siamaf healthcare private limited
83. Skykrafts aerospace pvt ltd
84. Snaptrude technologies private limited
85. Spookfish innovations private limited
86. Str8bat sport tech solutions pvt ltd
87. String bio pvt ltd
88. Symbosim simulations pvt. Ltd
89. Tactile education services pvt. Ltd.
90. Tagbox solutions private limited
91. Tdw technologies private limited
92. Tenxer technologies pvt limited
93. Text mercato solutions pvt. Ltd.
94. Touchetech labs pvt ltd
95. Trakray innovations pvt.Ltd
96. Trans neuron technologies pvt. Ltd.
97. Trashcon
98. Urban bikes pvt ltd
99. Varnaaz technologies
100. Vaultedge software pvt ltd
101. Videoken software private limited
102. Vipragen biosciences pvt. Ltd.
103. Vnir biotechnologies pvt ltd
104. Vphore labs private limited
105. Wellth solutions pvt ltd
106. Wetrunk it solutions pvt ltd
107. Aprus biomedical innovation
108. Esya sof technologies
109. Janitri innovation
110. Mimyk
111. Pentavalent biosciences
112. Selfdot technologies


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