Z Nation Lab, a Silicon Valley and Mumbai based accelerator has partnered with Unlimit - powered by Reliance. Unlimit falls under the Reliance group of industries and is solely dedicated to providing Internet of Things (IoT) services to enterprise customers throughout India.

This comes at a time when the outlook for IoT services and products in India and elsewhere are projected to rise from 200 million dollars to 3 billion dollars by 2020.

Together, they will identify and nurture startups in targeted markets and technologies relevant to Reliance’s businesses; engage meaningfully with startups for pilot projects, investments or strategic partnerships. “We are convinced that the start-up scene in India has a lot of potential, especially in terms of IoT. It is this potential we want to tap with the Corporate Innovation Program,” Matthias Wurster, VP - Marketing & Business Development, Unlimit.

IoT is becoming a reality at many enterprises and homes, hence learning about these technologies and processes of IoT becomes more important now than ever. Z Nation Lab will be making this a reality for the corporate innovation program. “IoT connected devices and establishing networks between machines, humans, and Internet, is leading to the creation of new ecosystems that enable higher productivity, better energy efficiency, and higher profitability. While we are still in the nascent stages of adoption, we believe the IoT opportunity for corporates will amount to a sizable market in the Indian ecosystem by 2020. IoT has the potential to impact everything from new product opportunities, to shop floor optimization, to factory worker efficiency gains that will power top-line and bottom-line gains,” Nilesh Jain, Venture Partner, Z Nation Lab.

Z Nation Lab & unlimit to evaluate IoT product and service companies in sectors like automotive, transport and logistics, utilities, industrial automation, finance, smart cities, and healthcare.

Z Nation Lab provides a global ecosystem to tech entrepreneurs and startups to help them accelerate their growth. It is an early stage accelerator which empowers entrepreneurs with capital, experience and network. Z Nation Lab brings together high quality mentors, subject matter experts, experienced professionals, investors and VCs under one roof to curate a community that offers an environment for innovation to thrive.

Unlimit is equipped with the diverse resources of the Reliance Group, the nimbleness of a start-up, high-profile partnerships and an international management team, and will tap into the growing potential of the IoT market in the country. Unlimit customers will be able to take advantage of the Unlimit Control Center which is based on the IoT connectivity management platform of Cisco Jasper, and includes Reliance’s powerful mobile network.

Its mission is to transform business models and drive value by offering a comprehensive IoT platform from connectivity to application, development and analytics.

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