In what could be considered as an excellent news for people of the country, India might soon be leaving behind its close rival/neighbour China when it comes to innovation competitiveness. According to the latest BRICS Innovative Competitive Report 2017 released by China Science and Technology Exchange Center, come 2025, the Indian subcontinent might start surpassing China in innovation.

“The average score of innovation index of each BRICS country would be on the rise for 2017-2025 as the overall national innovation competitiveness of BRICS countries would be constantly strengthened over time. It is predicted that the innovation competitiveness of India would see a significant rise with its growth rate probably surpassing China between 2025-2030," reads the report.

In addition to the amazing news for India and its economy, the BRICS report also shared that the growth rate of Russia would see a downward trend in the coming years. In fact, the Indian subcontinent would even take over Russia in terms of its comprehensive STI competitiveness by the year 2030.

The report reveals that the BRICS nations over the years have really pulled their weight when it comes to building a reputation amongst other developing countries as leading centres of Science and Technology development. It mentions that these nations-Brazil, Russia, China, India and South Africa-have evolved to become a “globally important STI force”.

The BRICS report might come as a huge relief for the Modi government which has recently been facing some harsh reviews from citizens asking for a concrete proof of the work they have done since gaining power.

The report states: “international community lacks an in-depth strategic study on international collaboration among BRICS countries. It is urgent to set up a regular network for technology collaboration and transfer as both the governments and a regularly organized conference on technology transfer could no longer satisfy the needs for the transfer and flow of technology, funding, and talents under new circumstances."

Slated to be held next month in China, the BRICS Summit will see Prime Minister Narendra Modi's presence in spite of the growing tension between the two countries on their borders.

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