In what could be considered as a moment of immense pride for the Indian subcontinent, a top tech industry executive has said that when it comes to Artificial Intelligence (AI) the country is in the same league as United States and China.

In a recent interview to CNNMoney, Malcolm Frank, head of strategy of Cognizant, a world- leading professional services firm, shared that in his professional opinion, United States, China and India are way ahead of everyone else in the AI game and are currently the top three contenders for the numero uno throne. He said, "I think it's three horses in the race, and that's probably the wrong metaphor because they are all going to win," he said. "They are just going to win differently."

He further added that not only are these three countries making AI progress, but there are other nations too who are making substantial contributions in the field. He named London, Stockholm and Estonia as some of the AI hotspots who have great potential and where AI progress is taking place at a good pace.

Here's why US, China and India are the three big AI players right now:

United States

Housing the creme de la creme of tech companies, how can US stay behind in any tech field? The world superpower's Silicon Valley has names like Facebook, Amazon, Google and Tesla who are actively pursuing the AI field and aren't shying away from investing big bucks in researching ways that computers can help lessen some of the burden of human beings.

The country has already witnessed some success in getting driverless cars in motion and replacing people in some of the tasks in sectors such as medicine and agriculture.

According to Frank, "With Silicon Valley, and the vendors and momentum that exists there... that's going to continue."


One of the biggest advantages that China has when it come to AI, is that the field's loudest cheerleader in the country is its own government. The government of the world's second largest economy wants to make China the world's "innovation center for AI" by 2030 and has already planned out a $150 billion AI industry to set the wheels in motion.

The country has strong players like Baidu and Tencent who are working on making a splash in the AI field with their innovative inventions instead of following the beaten path. According to China's very own tech billionaire Jack Ma (Alibaba), soon there might come a time that the job profile of a CEO is no longer needed and is handled by an AI.


The $143 billion outsourcing industry in the country is playing a crucial part in making Indians warm up to the idea and potential of AI.

Top companies in the country like Wipro, Tata Consultancy and Infosys, which are providing their technology services to big global players like Microsoft, IBM and Deutsche Bank etc. are nowadays embracing the power of automation to better the quality of their services and operations.

In addition to all this, the encouraging Startup ecosystem in the country is also a good sign for AI and its future in the country.

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