Haptik, the chatbot platform company that powers the virtual assistant app Haptik, today announced that it has partnered with Amazon Pay to power transactions for its 5 million user base. Using Haptik, people can book flights, pay bills, buy local deals - all these transactions can now be made using Amazon Pay. This makes Haptik the first app in the country to enable 3 key categories via Amazon Pay - Flight Booking, Recharge and Bill Payments. In other words, the only way you can do these transactions if you are an Amazon Pay customer is through the Haptik app.

“Amazon has shown over the last few years that they want to be market leaders when it comes to e-commerce in India”, said Aakrit Vaish, Co-Founder & CEO of Haptik, who was also recently the recipient of the AWS Deep Tech in Mobility award. “Amazon Pay is a natural progression in that effort, and we are super excited to be one of their first launch partners for this.”

Amazon Pay is the payment arm of Amazon India, and is gradually starting to rollout to partners by invite only. “When they first reached out to us, we were not very familiar with the idea of Amazon Pay. As we got to know the team better, we understood their plans and realized this is a no brainer for us to get in early. We are the only app other than food tech on their platform currently and are very proud of that,” said Aakrit.

Haptik is a Times Internet company, and is one of the largest conversational commerce companies in the world. The app is one of the highest rated apps in India and offers a guarantee on cheapest flight prices as well as no peak pricing on cab rides. It was recently featured as a top global innovator at the Chatbot Summit in Berlin and open sourced a key part of their technology at the event, the first such breakthrough globally.

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