Humans adopted the route of digitisation and automation so as to make it easier for businesses to interact with their customers and make their internal processes smoother and more organised. While the whole transformation did help humans in achieving what they set out to achieve, somewhere on the way, they ended up impacting the role they themselves were playing in the whole process.

If you or anyone related to you is working in IT space in India, you must be aware of the sudden pink slips and job cuts being handed over to people on a daily basis from last few year. No matter which firm you're part of or which position you hold, your job is one day away from being canned.

So, if you're in IT or considering making IT as your career choice, then a recent survey from Simplilearn on how the future of IT jobs is changing in India can help you decide your course. Titled How Automation is Changing Work Choices: The Future of IT Jobs in India, the survey reveals that the future of IT lies in Cyber Security, Big Data and Data Science, Big Data Architect, Big Data Engineer, Artificial Intelligence and IoT (Internet of Things) Architect, and Cloud Architect as these job profiles will be high in demand in the near future.

According to the survey report, the jobs that are in the jeopardy of getting extinct are the ones that have become repetitive and are most likely to be taken over by Artificial Intelligence (AI) in next five years or so. These includes job profiles such as BPO, manual testing, system maintenance and infrastructure management etc.

The Simplilearn survey report comes just a few months after an international survey found out that there is a 50% chance that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will surpass human intelligence in all areas within a period of about 45 years. The study was conducted by researcher Katja Grace at the University of Oxford’s Future of Humanity Institute and it involved surveying a total of 1,634 artificial intelligence researchers from all around the world.

Commenting on the report, Kashyap Dalal, Chief Business Officer said that while the situation does look a little glum at the moment, core development jobs will not feel the impact of job loss. He added, “The IT industry is seeing the impact of two major trends - one, that of AI and machine learning. And second, that of legacy skill-sets going out of date. While there is risk to jobs due to these trends, the good news is that a huge number of new jobs are getting created as well in areas like Cyber Security, Cloud, DevOps, Big Data, Machine Learning and AI. It is clearly a time of career pivot for IT professionals, to make sure they are where the growth is."

Simplilearn's report also highlighted the preferred technology skills based on a survey it conducted of 7,000 IT professionals from key metros. The survey found out that over 50 per cent of IT professionals in India with work experience in the bracket of 4–10 years have invested in courses and training programs that can help them better their knowledge and build new skills. Some of the top domains preferred by professionals for online training programs includes Big Data & Analytics, Project Management, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Agile & Scrum, and Digital Marketing.

[Image: Business Insider]

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