Generally, Android and iOS get a lot of admiration from the developers when it comes to VPNs. If you search the word, you will be given a ton of options to choose from. However, that is not the case for PC. For PC users, the options are limited. This may seem like a bad thing but it really isn’t. Limited app availability makes it easier to find the apps that are actually worth using. The ones that don’t make the cut can be avoided rather easily. Therefore, if you are a PC user and are looking to get your hands on a VPN, then you should check out the following solutions.


FalcoVPN is relatively new to the market but the reason we have put it at the top of the list is because it’s available for free. Unlike other VPN for PC, it is not limiting you in any way as you are allowed to make use of it without worrying about any restraint. Most of the free VPNs that you come across have set bandwidth for the users, and it can run out rather quickly. These so-called free tools are not ideal as users would always have to worry about bandwidth. Fortunately, that does not happen with FalcoVPN. It has a dedicated server for free users and you can make use of it as much as you want. This isn’t the only feature it comes with though as it also allows you to access region locked content, provides servers in multiple locations, and offers numerous security protocols. The best part is that you get all of this for free. So, people that want to use a VPN but don’t want to pay, FalcoVPN is their best option.


VyprVPN is one of the very few VPNs to have its own first-party servers around the globe. Unlike most VPNs, it is not relying on some third party to provide the services, it has its own servers that work flawlessly. The best part about having integrated servers is that none of your data is given to third parties. Everything you do while VyprVPN is enabled will remain hidden because the tool itself has no liability to anyone. They can see your activity, but they don’t log any of it, which makes it the best solution for people seeking privacy. Other VPN related features are present as well, but if you crave privacy, then you wouldn’t find a better tool than VyprVPN.


Internet throttling has become a huge issue these days as more and more internet service providers are cutting down on download speeds. The speed test would show your regular download and upload speed, but when you actually try to download something, you only get a few kbps. This is a huge problem because a lot of us rely on downloads and if we’re not getting the speed, then the internet as a whole becomes useless. To counter this problem, NordVPN provides proxy servers, which allow you to get your speed back to normal. You just have to follow guidelines and input proxy server details into your torrent client. After that’s done, your download speed would go back to normal. Just like aforementioned VPNs, it also includes security and privacy features, but its main focus is on countering internet throttling. If you are suffering from this problem, then you should check out NordVPN. Read this post to read more reviews about Nordvpn.


OpenVPN doesn’t have one main focus like the apps we have mentioned above. It’s a well-rounded app with great features. It has several servers to choose from and you can pick any one you want. If you are looking to get access to other country’s content, then it’s great for that. Just switch your server to that particular location, and you will be able to gain access to that country’s content with ease. Security and privacy features are top-notch as well and work flawlessly. The best part about Open VPN is that you will have no trouble getting used to it as it has a simple and user-friendly interface. This app is ideal for people who don’t possess technical knowledge but still want to use a VPN.


ExpressVPN is regarded as one of the best VPNs ever made and it’s hard to argue with that statement. It includes all the features you want from a VPN and all of them are designed to perfection. It is amongst the most expensive VPNs, but that is the price you have to pay for excellence. It delivers on each and every aspect so it’s not like it is favoring one thing over the other. It can counter internet throttling, give you access to region locked content, contains a ton of security protocols, does not log your private information, and much more. It is a premium product and is regarded as the best for that very reason. If you want a complete VPN package, then you don’t need to look any further than ExpressVPN.

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