As far as the world of fashion e-commerce is concerned success can often prove to be so elusive. The main reason for such an assertion is the fact that the levels of competition at this stage are really fierce. The bottom lines in these cases are defined by factors such as appearance, mobility, and usability of your website. Statista says that a fourth of the users go away from shopping carts because of the fact that the navigation processes are completed. 21 per cent do so because the process of ordering can take quite long. 15 per cent take such a decision because the website has timed out.

Giving your customers love on a regular basis

Harvard Business Review says that it can take anywhere between 5 and 25 per cent more money in order to get new customers in this sector as opposed to retaining ones that are already there. Your strategy to retain customers should include loyalty programs like discounts for customers who transact frequently on your website. When you do this they are less likely to browse the sites of your competitors. They will know that they would be able to purchase products of high quality at good prices from your store itself.

Offering support for your customers

If your customer service is a poor one then your customers would be highly frustrated. In case they find that returning items on your site is difficult they will likely buy from your competitor the next time around. Wall Street Journal says that around 33.33 per cent of all products bought online is normally returned. If you can, you should have customer service agents working throughout the day and resolve the issues faced by your customer and answer any queries that they may have. If your customer service is great the sales cycle would be shorter and that would be beneficial for your brand.

Giving customers reasons to come back

As far as making customers come back time and again is concerned you need to create ways such email marketing campaigns and execute them properly. These campaigns should provide your customers regular information on any and every new promotion on a regular basis. When you do this your fashion e-commerce store will always be on their minds. It would be even better if you are able to provide the right information to the appropriate customer. This would mean that there are higher chances of sales as well as better returns on investment (ROI).

Using images that amaze

One of the biggest open secrets of a successful e-commerce store is that the website must have exceptional images. You can always use those stock images but you should also know that they do not work anymore. You can always employ a fashion photographer so that he can take top class photos of your inventory. These should ideally be much better than the staple product shots that you get these days – they should tell the story of your brand. You can be sure that when you do this your store will perform so much better than your customers.

Telling stories

A lot of websites in the sector that you operate make do with plain descriptions of their products. Instead of this, you should focus on creating stories that have a vibrancy of their own. These stories should help your customers have a better idea about how they would feel when they own your product. These stories should actually inspire them to take steps in that regard – i.e. buy your product. You should give them a reason as to why wearing one of your dresses would make them special, the cynosure of all eyes at a gathering.

It should be easy to find you

A very important part of your success in the long term is going to be search engine optimization (SEO) done properly. If it is hard to find your website then what chance would you have at success? Would you be able to sell anything like that? It is very important that you work with an SEO expert in order to make sure that the content on each of your pages is optimized properly with respect to the product that you are covering on that page.
You also need to have proper meta tags for the search engine as well.

Establishing the right partnerships

If you wish your online fashion store to be successful it is very important that you go for the right partnerships – ones that are more likely to work than not. You should be building associations with the influencers on various social media channels. It is also important to have similar relations with top fashion bloggers like Fashionbzzer, Akanksharedhu, blahandmore who can be such great ambassadors for your brand. They can really help your e-commerce site reach unprecedented heights. You can always start by getting across to the top reviewers out there.

Keeping things clean

This is something that is almost a given. Your e-commerce site should definitely be clutter free. If you wish your viewers to keep browsing your site this is something that you should definitely do. Hopefully, if they like it they may hit the button that matters the most – the one that reads “buy now”. The user interface of your website should be really impeccable. Overall, the user should have an experience that is really simple and yet interactive to a high extent. You need to know that in this day and age people always have other options.

The need to be mobile

fashion ecommerce

These days at least 85 to 90 per cent of your viewers would be using mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones in order to access your site. The design of your website should be responsive to these devices as well. In fact, the way people are using these devices these days it seems that in a few years people might even stop using desktops for web searches. The reason for this is the fact that most of the people out there search for these things while they are on the move. Your website should be capable of being seen clearly on any device.

Representing a lifestyle

It is very important in the fashion game to stand out from your competitors. This is something that cannot be stressed enough. There is too much competition in any case and this is why you need to find a niche and just focus on it. This can be your surest way to success. It is also important that you spend money in order to show your levels of expertise in that particular domain. You can always focus on something that is special and preserves of a few instead of selling run of the mill products.

Getting your price right

Last, but definitely so far away from being the least, it is important that you get your prices right. You have worked hard so far in order to get new customers but you do not wish to lose them just because your competitor has a lower price to offer. You want them to buy your stuff. You should do substantial research on pricing. You can always use things such as opportunities for a future promo offer or bonuses so that they keep coming back and buying from you.

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