A compilation consisting of 10 top chatbot development companies from all around the world. Which is your pick to build a chatbot for your enterprise?

Have you ever wondered about a machine that can behave like a human? Someone like Tony Robbins in the Robot movie? Well, fiction has become reality, at least in a minimal measure.

Chatbots are virtual robots who will converse with you with human mannerisms. They are programmed beings with a mind of their own who can learn, adapt and react to queries. Unlike traditional programs that reply with canned responses or in an artificial tone, chatbot development is more about personalization.

It taps into the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to answer dynamically to customer queries. Since integrating AI and machine learning is a sophisticated task, it takes experience and expertise to handle this heavy-weight task.

Here are some top chatbot development companies that have carved a name for themselves by developing chatbots that often outrun humans in virtual assistance.

  1. Pandorabots - Chatbot Platform
    Pandorabots is one of the free sources to build a chatbot that comes with praiseworthy features and tools. It allows for integration with other communication and social channels and is an apt solution for small and big enterprises alike.

  2. Contus Bot - Readymade Chatbot Solution
    Contus Bot is a readymade solution for chatbot development which can be customized for automated real time communication for websites & mobile apps. Additionally it can also be easily integrated with social channels like Facebook, Twitter, and so on for improving social customer assistance.

  3. Chattypeople - Facebook Commerce Solution
    Chattypeople is a chatbot development platform that lets you create an AI chatbot which can be integrated with Facebook messenger. It enables marketers and entrepreneurs to develop and take their business a notch higher with the help of a chatbot.

  4. Avaamo - Chatbot Platform
    Avaamo is an intelligent bot solution built for heavy-duty industry applications. It assists in developing a secure communication and simply integrate to enterprise systems. Fully based on enterprise development bot.

  5. Motion AI - Chatbot Builder
    Motion AI makes it easy for businesses that want to develop a chatbot to interact with their customers eloquently. Motion AI helps you Build AI chatbot which can be blend into Facebook, slack and similar social platforms for intelligent customer service.

  6. Botscrew - Chatbot Development

    Botscrew is an industry topping offer to build a chatbot that can multitask and fetch information for dynamic queries raised by users. Chatbots built using Botscrew can analyse and render functions for specific purposes like maintenance and support of the customer service.

  7. Chatfuel- Facebook AI Chatbot Builder
    Chatfuel is Facebook AI bot platform which involve in control and transparency operations. It can be customized endlessly and molded into a chatbot that commands little resources, yet works under your control with complete transparency.

  8. Stanfy- AI Chatbot Development
    Stanfy is a name to trust when it comes to build a chatbot. Stanfy chatbot development company helps develop AI integrated chatbots that can communicate to various platforms including static websites and dynamic social platforms.

  9. Synechron- Chatbot Solutions
    Last, but not the least, Synechron is a reliable chatbot development firm that helps to create a chatbot that can act dynamically in customer service environments. The chatbot equipped with machine learning capability can quickly adapt to changing patterns of customer behaviour and deliver responses that will resolve queries without demanding much resources.

  10. Gupshup- Bot builder platform
    You can be a developer or a non-developer, still Gupshup will make the tedious task of building a bot for messaging platforms, website or or mobile a simple affair. The bot building interface is simple as it could get and helps customize the bot endlessly to create a truly unique and highly-functional one.

  11. inbenta- Chatbot Development
    Inbenta gets down to business to fix two major things - search and transactions. It also doubles up as a capable customer support bot that can deliver industry-specific support on a real-time basis. Artificial intelligence combined with semantic searches makes Inbenta an exact replica of human support executives with machine brain.

  12. Marutitech- Custom Development
    Marutitech has earned its position among the top chatbot companies in the industry. They create chatbots that are ingrained with multilingual capabilities, machine learning, artificial intelligence and pre-built templates.

There are two major things to look out for in chatbots. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. These two capabilities are what enables chatbots to deliver superior human performance.

What we have listed out above is a list of chatbot development companies that have proven expertise in developing chatbots with machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Of course, there are plenty others too, more on that later. These companies are belong hands in bringing to life, virtual chat bots that do more than just replying to text messages. They can be a brand building evangelist for your business that responds, answers and fetches information better than a human.

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