The food processing industry holds a unique position in the Indian economy. The changing food habits, ready to eat and so lifestyle have given new opportunities to the food producers, machinery makers, and technology and service providers.

In last 5 years or so plenty of automatic food machines and even robots are being employed to save man-hour and as food items like burgers and pizzas, etc are all manufactured, but Indian food products like dosa and poori are still prepared manually. South Indian dishes are centered around rice, and it is indeed the staple food of most South Indian states.

Cooking South Indian dishes might seem like a challenge, however, if you have the right recipes and suitable appliances you can easily make your favourite dishes without any hassles. Take the instance of dosa, it might give the impression of a hard to cook the dish, but with a dosa machine, you can cook it easily with all the flavors intact.

A machine that makes delicious home-cooked food with the press of a button is a dream of every food lover. In 2012, an Indian Angel Network (IAN) incubatee startup Mukunda Foods built world's first dosa making machine called Dosamatic -- which is currently priced at Rs. 1.5 lakh, can make 50 to 60 dosas per hour and can work continuously for 14 hours. The startp had even raised funds of Rs.1.5 crore from IAN.

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Mukunda foods was founded by Eshwar K Vikas & Sudeep Sabat in May 2012 while they were still in college. The DosaMatic is capable of making fresh dosas in a minute at the press of a button, says the company. Mukunda Foods holds the patent for this product. After Dosamatic, Mukunda Foods is making more robots that can make a variety of food item.

KENT, an Indian healthcare & home appliance products company is also one of a reliable manufacturer of kitchen appliances, has a variety of appliances that can aid your cooking process. With the help of KENT Chilla and Dosa Maker, you can cook oil-free dosa instantly.

In an another instance, Abhishek Bhagat from Bhagalpur, Bihar made an electrically opermated automatic food making machine when he was just 12-years-old. It has different boxes for ingredients. A recipe card is used to select the type and quantity of the dish to be cooked. The machine automatically takes the required ingredients and cooks the dish. This innovation won him the Ignite 2009 award and the National award in the Sixth National Biennial Competition.

Earlier in April this year, Chennai-based startup SP Robotics Works which provides robotic education to school and college students has launched India's first food serving robot named Butler ‘O’ Bistro (BOB) in Bengaluru’s VR mall.

Besides India, A San Francisco based startup called Momentum Machines has made a world's first fully-automatic hamburger machine which can prepare, cook and serve a perfect custom-made burger without a single human hand being involved.

The team of Momentum Machines consists of roboticists from institutions including Berkeley and Stanford and firms like Tesla and NASA as well as product managers with restaurant experience.

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