Memilog, a Hyderabad based startup turned a year old in May 2015. It had a unique idea to celebrate its birthday, this was to play cricket in its premises by inviting the known startups. This idea was such an instant hit that it led to Startup Cricket League, Hyderabad.

Startup Cricket League (SCL) 2015 was inaugurated with an opening ceremony at 9 AM by Jayesh Ranjan, IT Secretary, Telangana; Amarnath Reddy, CRO, Telangana; Meghana Reddy, Rhythmic Gymnast; Srinivas Kollipara, COO, THub, Telangana, who kick-started the event by playing a one over match. A SCL bat also was designed to capture the signature imprints of the respective startup team captains as an invaluable memory to cherish henceforth. Startup Cricket League (SCL) became the most happening thing to discuss. Presented by NASSCOM and Memilog together, it was one of the most novel ways to congregate the startup ecosystem in Hyderabad, which included several founders, investors, mentors et al.

Startup Cricket League or SCL is one of a kind, nationwide platform to unite entrepreneurs and all other stakeholders of Indian Startup Ecosystem through the medium of the most popular Sport in India, Cricket which is just a binding factor. It is one of the largest Informal Networking Platform for Entrepreneurs, Investors, Incubators, Accelerators and other Startup enablers.

SCL operates throughout the year with a goal to enrich Indian Startup Ecosystem and empower Entrepreneurs to build scalable and sustainable Enterprises through a series of exciting initiatives including our SCL Flagship, SCL Yorked Stories and SCL Trophy Tour.

SCL 2016:

Following the success of SCL 2015, we scaled to 4 major cities, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Jaipur. The announcement of SCL has pulled in the attention of a cricket enthusiast cum actor, Akhil Akkineni who eventually became brand ambassador of SCL 2016. The season was scheduled from August to September with 2 weeks interval between cities. The brands like Citrus, Azuga, Ace2Three and Progress Software were the sponsor nationwide for the season.

In 4 cities and we have touched more than 50 Investors and Mentors and we had more than 5000 attendees with 300+ Startups. Many well known startups like NestAway, GrabOn etc were part of the season.
With the remarkable outreach and participation ,this season has made SCL a nationwide brand connecting the entire startup ecosystem.

The season 3 of SCL has evolved with all the learnings of previous years to become a very bigger and effective with values to all the stakeholders from Investors to Founders. The earlier seasons has made public name “The IPL for Startups”.

This year, we have 6 teams formed based on the generic domains/areas in which various startups operate.
Each team comprises of Mentors and Investors ,who are called Thought Leaders of the Startup ecosystem,to guide the 8 Startup founders in their team over a period of 6 Weeks.

SCl 2017

Startups can enroll to be a part of this programme by registering to one of the 6 teams .This new format of SCL , gives a chance for fusion of various stakeholders of ecosystem with series of informal interaction over various events for 6 Weeks.

The whole SCL is divided into 6 teams formed upon the generic sectors or industries and the teams are:

  1. Business 2 Business - Business Blazers

  2. Ecommerce - Ecom Titans

  3. Future Tech - Front Foot Techies (IndianWeb2 is Partner)

  4. Fintech - Finance Fighters

  5. Lifestyle - Lifestyle Leopards

  6. Travel / Logistics - Travel Thunders

The SCL season is going to be 6 Weeks long with activities which happens in series and the order of activities is:

  1. SCL Launch Event

  2. Startup Registrations

  3. Startup Auditions

  4. SCL Team Bonding

  5. SCL Team Launching

  6. SCL Trophy Tour

  7. SCL Flagship Event ( Main Event )

SCL Launch Event:

The launch of season 3 of SCL was on 15th July and the company announced the structure and schedule following it. Pragyan Ojha was the chief guest of the session to launched the new SCL logo and SCL season.

The above mentioned SCL Team Logos and names were launched by different startups who were part of previous SCL seasons. The thought leaders of each team were introduced who will be engaged with startups coming onboard for the season.

The Thought leaders of each team are.

Business Blazers - B2B / Enterprise.

  1. Monika Misra - Founder, iKeva

  2. Gopi Krishna Lingala - PL, Startup Leadership

  3. Rohit Sardana - BWDisrupt

  4. Rakesh Bhatia - Managing Partner, Beyond Strategy

  5. Rama Iyer - SVP, T-Hub

  6. Subbaraju Pericherla - Founder, CrossBoreders

Ecom Titans - Eommerce / mCommerce

  1. Kazim - Co-Founder, RentADesk

  2. Praveen Dorna - Founder, StartupByte

  3. Ravi Korukonda - Founder, Startup Hyderabad

  4. Sashi Somavarapu - Founder,

  5. Phani Raj - Co-Founder, Zaggle

Front Foot Techies - Future Tech

  1. Vineel Reddy Pindi - Founder, Collab House

  2. Aditya Patro - PL, Startup Weekend Hyderabad

  3. Vardaan Tiwari - Founder, Indianweb2

  4. Bhat Dittakavi - Founder,

  5. Joginder Tanikella - Founder, Mooshik Labs

  6. Srinivas Rao - COO, HYSEA

  7. Pankaj Diwan - Founder, Idealabs

  8. Lakshmi Misra - Incubation Head, IIIT Hyderabad

Finance Fighters - Finance / Commerce / Payments

  1. Raghuveer Kovuru - Founder, CloWork

  2. Prashant Gowriraju - Founder, The Hyderabad Entrepreneurs

  3. Sailesh Sigatapu - Partner, Anthill Ventures

  4. Rajeev Menon - Partner, Anthill Ventures

  5. Sanjay Darbha - Founder, Peerlend

Lifestyle Leopards - Healthcare, Education, Fashion

  1. Sravan Kavalipurapu - Co-Founder, Jxtapose

  2. Rajat Shahi - Member, Hyderabad Hackers

  3. Charan Lakkaraju - Founder, Stumagz

  4. Vijay Mitra - Co-Founder, Positive Shift

  5. Krishna Rao Akula - Founder, Learnpedia

  6. Ramesh Loganathan - CEO, State Innovation Cell

Travel Thunders - Travel, Logistics, Delivery

  1. MaryAnne - Community Manager, 91Springboard

  2. Srikanth Soni - Community Manager, Headstart Hyderabad

  3. Vineel Nalla - Partner, 50K Ventures

  4. Murali Talasila - Partner, PwC India

  5. G R Reddy - Founder, HUSYS

  6. Viiveck Verma - Founder, DiSRUPPt Thinking

The commencement of Startup registrations through our website for next 4 weeks was announced at the end of the launch. The launch event seen the networking of various stakeholders of startup ecosystem like CoWorking space, Communities, Mentors, Founder and Investors.

The Registrations for this season of SCL are open

Registrations will close on August 22 2017.

The details regarding the flagship programme will be shared later.

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